Does my dog need outdoor shoes?

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We’ve seen dogs frolicking around wearing dog shoes, at least once on the internet. And as dog parents, you must’ve wondered - are they just a pretty accessory? Or are they a necessity? Will it do my dog any good? Dogs wearing shoes isn’t natural, then why?

Yes, dogs never wore shoes, true, but then humans didn’t too until 40,000 years ago! It’s simple, as times change, we need to change along as well.

So, why does your dog need dog shoes?

Wait. Is it tick season again?

As dog parents, looking for ticks is routine for us. We’ve all had the fear of tick infestations, imagining them crawling on our walls, furniture, and shoes. We’ve lost sleep, worrying that our dog might catch a tick fever. Those eight-legged parasites like to hide where you can’t find them, which is why they love to sneak between the toes or creases of your dog’s paws.

With dog shoes, there will be one less thing to worry about!

Clean. Clean. Clean.

Does your dog climb on your beds or sofas to snuggle up? Does he have free reign over roaming around the house?

If the answer is yes, then paw hygiene becomes equally as important to you as it is for your dog. Unless you wash his paws thoroughly using soap and water, his paw could become home to germs. Also, as cute as muddy paw prints on our beds and sofas sound, cleaning them up every time, isn’t all that fun!

Dog shoes prevent paws from getting dirty and are very easy to wash, as opposed to dogs’ paws, which are then needed to be thoroughly dried down or could catch an infection. They save you time and extra trouble.

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For the rainy days.

The rains during monsoon in India are abundant. Outdoors are wet, slushy with ample mud puddles that your dog would love to plop around in. However, they are also a hotbed of germs. Paw infections are very common during this season. Waterproof dog shoes will keep his paws dry and squeaky clean, saving the risk of getting infected. If your dog already has a paw infection, consult your vet. Sanitize the shoes regularly, preferably after every walk.


Indian summers can get extreme. Road temperatures go as high as 75°C, which can damage our dog’s paws, burning and bruising them. Opt for breathable dog shoes to give them comfort and protection in the heat. For more information on protecting paws from hot roads, click here.

Barefoot bad foot.

Some of us often indulge our dogs in activities like running, hiking, etc. All these activities when done on rougher terrains like roads, parks or cemented areas, can turn the paws, hard and rough over time. The pads become more prone to getting cut, wearing out, being sore and losing grip. Dog shoes protect the dog’s paws from the grainy textures, thorns, glass pieces and keep them unscathed.

Old treats.

Aging tends to bring a lot of wear and tear in the paws. Add to that, large dog breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers are notorious for having issues, like hip dysplasia and arthritis. Hence, it becomes very important to provide stability to ease their mobility. Anti-slip dog shoes help in providing extra grip and cushioning for your dogs. Some senior dogs tend to drag their feet as they walk, shoes protect their toes from getting rubbed raw.

If you have any questions on how to pick the right shoes for your dog, feel free to ask in our comment section.




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