Dog Gift Buying Guide: 9 Pawfect Gift Ideas For Dogs and Dog Parents 2021

Dog Gift Buying Guide

Festive Season is just around the corner. And you know what or rather who make the perfect gift? Dogs! Haha, jokes apart (unless you are planning on actually getting another dog or gifting your loved one a pup. In which case, please go ahead!) 

But what about the dogs, dog parents and dog lovers already in your life? We are here to help you with that. The following listed are items that make some of the most thoughtful and valuable gifts for dogs. 

1) Dog Treats

Dog- Did anyone say food?

What makes your dogs drool with excitement, gets his tail wagging uncontrollably, his No.1 motivation to train, his No.1 motivation to life, really (Not you). It’s the smell of the food. Duh! 

The best part of festivals is the food and sweets. But, oh do not share those with your furry friend. They are bad for his health. But don't you think they deserve a little extra sweet this season too. The route to your dog’s heart is through his stomach. Yum. Yum. Yum.  

Product Recommendations-

Petfeast Diwali Faral for Dogs- Oats and Chicken Laddoos, Chickpea and Spinach Chaklis, Coconut Barfi

Festive Special Ladoos- A Pack of 6 Laddoos. These Laddoos are made with healthy, wholesome ingredients for dogs and have festive holiday colors from all-natural toppings.

HUFT Bestseller Gift BoxYummy In My Tummy Apple & Cinnamon Biscuits, HUFT Yakies, Sara’s Fruit & Veg Trail Mix, Twistee Rugger chew toy, HUFT Healing Balm

2) Interactive Dog Toys 

Litter of dogs surrounded by toys

What can compete with food? Game time! Together, they are unbeatable. 

Dog toys are amazing to keep your pup engaged and working. Especially as diwali and other festive celebrations can make dogs very stressed. These will keep them engaged, happy and out of trouble. 

Not just during special occasions, toys prove to be an excellent comfort and training medium as well. You can never have enough toys!

Product Recommendations- 

Trick to Treat (Puzzle Toy Special WoofBox)-  They contain at least one excellent puzzle toy. Loaded with four or more goodies. They are great for sensitive tummies.

Goofy Tails Puppy Toys Combo-  Skinny Rabbit, Baby Pet Bear and Husky

Petfeast Happy Pooch Hamper- The Popsicle Toy, The Dalmatian Bone Toy, Rope Toy, Chicken Turmeric Jerky

3) Comfy Bed for your Pupper

Dog sitting on a bed under a blanket

Food, Play, Sleep, Repeat. That is the motto! So, moving on to the third part, he deserves a relaxing nap on a comfortable bed. Festive season calls for cleaning out stuff and having a fresh start. As a present too, if your dog is long overdue for a bed replacement, now is the time. 

So, even though this seems like a more practical gift, it will be a comforting one at that. 

Product Recommendations- 

Mellifluous Medium Size Dog and Cat Cave Pet BedVelvet touch fabricated it with ultra-soft fabric and high-quality foam. It is cave-like structured with two-tone, black-grey color. Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 46 cms.

PoochMate Lime Sapphire Bolster BedA beautiful, classy and simple design made of thick cotton fabric with dobby weaving The inner cushions are made in soft muslin and filled with soft polyfill. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

SleepyCat Orthopedic Pet BedCalibrated to contour and rest pets comfortably, with an ultra-durable and breathable fabric cover

4) Festive Clothes For Dogs

Dog and Woman in Ethnic Clothes

Dressing up is a part of why festive season is so much fun. So, why should dogs be left out? Especially, when there are so many pawsome people working to give your dog the perfect gram look. This is perfect for dog fashionistas. 

Want to twin? Even better!  All the following places offer customization.

Product Recommendations- 

That Dog In Tuxedo-   They have the widest ethnic dog clothes collection to chose from. Pick your favorite design

FurvillaDog party dresses, ethnic suits, accessories, etc. They have some of the best premium designs out there.

For The Fur Kids- This is another shop that has it all. From ethnic bandanas, bow-ties, to sparkling lehengas and sherwanis 

Want more recommendations? Check out our Festive Clothes Blog to help you find the best places to shop clothing for your pup. Diwali, Halloween, Christmas- we've got a style for it all. 

5) Dog Ethnic Shoes

No look is complete without the perfect footwear to match your stunning outfit. Plus, your doggo’s feet need to be pawtected. This is why we bring to you our special edition exclusive Ethnic Dog Shoes.

Choose from four colorful styles-

Gold: These make it very clear that your dog was born a Rockstar.  Golden, Golden, Golden- even Harry Styles will envy the shine of these shoes that have just the right amount of bling!

Ethnic Dog Shoes Gold

Emerald: Your best friend is full of life and these evergreen shoes embroidered with flowers say just that. Just portraying the natural, pure and wild spirit! 

Sapphire: These shoes will leave a mark- a mark of incredible style. Their deep, ultramarine colors with gold detailed embroidery is spectacular.

Amethyst: Attention Your Majesty! These speak royalty. If your dog is the spoiled king of the house- this is his style. Let him own his power!

Amethyst Purple Ethnic Dog Shoes

Bonus- Pawcare is needed all year around. Dog shoes safeguard their feet from harmful viruses and bacteria present on the ground and from extreme weather conditions. So, gift them pawtection with- 

Complete Zoof Paw Care Box- A complete paw care package consisting of Zoof Plops, Zoof Grips, Zoof Wax, and a Classy bow to finish the look.

6) Custom Dog Collar and Tags

Dog tag circle- Laura

Many dogs run away from their houses as they get anxious when fireworks are on outside. A name tag with his name is a touching personalized way to tell the world that this dog belongs to you.

Sadly, he can’t say his name apart from a WOOF WOOF. So, let him own it by a collar or tag specially designed for him. Plus, it helps keep him secured. 

Product Recommendations-

Dear Pet Customisable Collar and HarnessA stylish collar and harness made of Poly-Canvas. Available in Maroon and Teal Blue color gives them a stylish and comfortable look.

Pawzone Customized Dog Name Tags - Completely customized tags available in bone, heart, and round shape. Add a personal touch.

Petsy Personalised Dog Name Tags- Beautiful designs available for personalized tags. Multiple color options and shapes to choose from. 

7)  Pet Portraits 

Large digital portrait of a dog

Digital or handmade art of your dog’s perfect memory to be immortalized- What can make a more perfect present?

This is time to cherish and realize the grace we possess.  There are several artists ready to capture the love you share with your pup. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Service Recommendations- 

Handmade Portraits- 

Offer oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings, pencil, and charcoal sketches. 

Kalakari Handmade Paintings- Price range from 2000- 50,000 depending upon the type, size, and baroque of the portrait.

Engrave- Price Range from 2000-5000 depending upon the type, size, and painting style.

Digital Portraits- 

The Pet Nest- Museum-quality paper that gives your portrait a polished look. The stunning art depicts the relationship between you and your pet. Price- 1250

Pawstro Personalised Digital Pet Portrait- Traditional oil-painting techniques blended with digital tools bring out beautiful masterpieces, custom-made for your specific requirements. Price- 2900

8) Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Not a fan of pictures on walls? Get a paw print keepsake to forever treasure your dog’s presence. A mark that will find its way into your heart.

You can go DIY for this one and make it easily using some basic home articles. The gifts you create using your own hands and heart are the best ones. Check out this DIY: Paw Print Wall Art tutorial. 

Don’t possess the creativity or time? 

Product Recommendations- 

Pearhead Pet Paw PrintsIncludes 1 plastic shaping ring, 2 packages of air-drying clay, rolling pin, plastic hole punch, and 3 gray grosgrain ribbon options for a finishing touch.  A treasured holiday decoration.

9) Special Dog Subscription Boxes

Dog In Box

Why wait for an occasion to express your love when you can do it every month? Your curious dog is bound to get bored by the same toys and treats. Excite him with a fun package by subscribing to a monthly or quarterly box. 

If you are looking for a birthday gift, a birthday box for the same is a steal deal!

Product Recommendations-

Woof Box- Choose from 8 different categories of Woof Box catering to your dog’s special needs. Each Woof Box is loaded with four or more goodies for your pupper from great Toys, Treats, Cute Bandanas, and more that will make your pet go Bonkers!

Goofy Box- Choose from 4 kinds of Goofy Box. Most of them can be personalized with 2 even offering custom portraits and goodies. Take your pick and do not miss out on this!

Did any of these gifts catch your attention? Let us know what you decide to present your puppy!

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