Dogs and Coronavirus: Can I walk my dog?

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With the latest news on five tigers and four lions tested positive for COVID-19, it is natural for us to worry about our dogs. How safe is it to take your dogs out for a walk?

WHO, Centres for disease control and prevention (C.D.C.) and other experts still maintain that our pets show no meaningful signs of harboring or spreading this disease. However, dog parents are at constant risk of catching the disease, which affects the routines of the dogs, especially those living in apartments.

The doctors have advised for social distancing and self-isolation, which would mean that taking your dog out on a walk can be more dangerous to you than your dog.

Also, coronavirus is believed to spread from person-to-person and there has been no reported case of pet-to-human transmission.

So, the questions which arise would be.

Can I take my dog on a walk?

Yes. You can. Ensure that you take walks in areas that are less crowded or empty, stay in a shorter range of your house, and most importantly, wearing your COVID-19 precautionary gear! And if you can,  cover your dog’s body and paws with a dog t-shirt and dog shoes.

If you know of any elderly neighbors with a dog, offer to take their dogs on a walk too. #coronakindness. Also, carry some dog food to feed the strays. 

Can I take him to dog parks?

A public gathering or a public place of any sort is no less than taking a massive risk, hence it would be better to avoid dog parks. The local authorities have also issued notices, closing parks, and gardens, to avoid any sort of risk of transmission.

Can I pet other dogs?

The medics have supposed that it’s the dog parents, not the dogs, found to be the primary carrier of the virus. Since you cannot determine the condition of the parent, it is best avoided. 

What do I do once I’m back from the walk?

Wash, wash, wash! As soon as you return home with your dog, ensure that you and your dog go through a thorough wash, especially the hands and the paws. Use pet wipes to clean your dog’s mouth, face, and genitalia (in that order). Maintain hygiene and sanitize from time to time.

How do I keep my dog active indoors?

Dogs when indoors can get irritated and annoyed, which is why we need to keep them physically stimulated. Play games like fetch, tug of war, hide and seek to ensure your dog gets their daily dose of exercise.

Keep them safe! Keep them happy. Do let us know how you are dealing with self-isolation and pet care in the comment section!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • We do not know the exact context but if you can avoid traveling, please avoid. If taking your dog to your parents is inevitable, give him a bath and dry him well. After reaching your parent’s place, clean his paws, mouth, face, and genitals. Take care of your personal sanitization as well :) Stay safe!

    Zoof Pets
  • Can I take my dog to my parents. Will I need to give him s bath before I hand him over to them?

  • Thank you Valentine, Chaitra, Ruchi and Preet. Stay safe!

    Zoof Pets
  • Great article!

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