How to protect your dog's paws from getting burnt in summer?

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Heat is unsettling and irritating when it comes to humans, but ever wondered how it affects our four-legged furry friends? It is not uncommon to find burn marks on dogs after they’ve marked a journey barefoot under the direct sunlight. As dog parents, we are always concerned about their well-being but we have so many questions!

When is it too hot to walk your dog?

Asphalt is a commonly used ingredient in making roads and pavements and can rise to temperatures above 75°C (especially if you live in cities like Nagpur, Chennai or Delhi) in the afternoons. And, since paw pads are made up of keratinized epithelium, burnt paws take up to 3 weeks to heal.


Outside °C Asphalt °C  How hot?
25° 51° Skin damage in one minute
30° 57° Fries an egg in 5 minutes
38° 75° Third-degree burns
Listed down are few ways to protect their paws from getting burnt.

Opposite of hot - COOL.

Being rather obvious with this tip, the safest way to save your dog’s paws from getting burnt is to 🥁drumroll🥁 not expose them to heat! You can choose timings which are less attuned to heat, so late evenings or early mornings.

We’re all about the Grass!

Just in-case the cool hours don’t suit your schedule, another great tip is to stick to cooler patches, like grass. Parks, shady areas, or underground car parks are a great place to take your doggo out for a stroll so that their paws don’t come in direct contact with the heat. Also, try and avoid those tough concrete and pavements, they’re the real devil.

Walk more, burn less.

Instead of taking your dog on a long walk, try three ten-minute walks on very hot days. Alternatively, try indoor games like fetch or hide and seek to give your pup the required exercise. You can also try out a few other things like scavenging hunts, obstacle races, food dispensing balls or food puzzle toys to keep them engaged. These games also keep them mentally stimulated.

Slap on some sock and shoes.

Yes, yes what is this dog privilege haha! Dog shoes and socks act as a great aid to the whole burn the paw shenanigan, very obviously creating a barrier between the surface and your dog’s paw. Make sure the shoes fit well and are breathable, or the paws might get infected due to excessive sweating. Zoof Runners could be a  great savior! Since they are made of breathable mesh and anti-sole slip, your dog’s paw remains ventilated and protected.

Tick-tac-don’t toe.

Summers are usually a prime time for blood-sucking ticks. Ticks find dogs to be walking targets, waiting to be attached and fed. Hence, paws are where the ticks are found in abundance. It is best advised to keep paws covered, perhaps by dog shoes. It is also very important to do a thorough check of your dog’s paws after every walk.

Paw Balm to bring the calm.

Dry pburnt pawsaws are more susceptible to burns from hot pavement, which is why moisturizing and hydrating them constantly is advisable. Regularly check the paw pads for any injuries, burns, or redness. Observe if your pup has started licking his paws, that’s an indication of discomfort. You can apply Paw balm to bring some relief from blisters and soothe any burns. Ensure that the paw balm is lick-safe. You can also store it in the fridge to make it more soothing. If there is excessive redness or blistering burns, contact your vet. 

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