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Rain Care Box
Rain Care Box
Rain Care Box
Rain Care Box

Rain Care Box

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We created a special Rain Care box for your pup. It contains Zoof Plops and Zoof Wax.

Zoof Plops are water-resistant shoes made of waterproof upper and anti-slip sole. It protects paws from mud, water, ticks, and germs.

Zoof Plops are suitable for everyday walks. It is not preferable for adventures or runs (especially for large breeds).

Zoof Boots are made of natural rubber and protect paws from dirt, germs, water and ticks. 

Zoof Wax is a carefully made paw balm that soothes any cuts, dryness, bites, or wounds and nourishes your pup's paws. Also, it is lick-safe.   

A complete paw care package for this rain!