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Zoof Grips

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Product Features

Anti Slip Sole

We use special traction sole to ensure that your dog never slips on marble/tile/hardwood flooring


The inners are made of super-soft, high-quality mesh to make sure your dog's paws never sweat

Stays On

A hook and loop closure system secures the Grips from rotating or coming-off your dog's paws.


Soft and cushioned sole provides unrivaled comfort even when Grips are worn for long hours.

Sizing Chart

How to Wear

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to our sizing chart. Still confused? WhatsApp us on 9324155548.

If the size is too small or big, we offer one size exchange but no refund

For a size exchange:

- Drop us an email at with your order number.

- Send the incorrect sized Grips back to us. Click here for our mailing address.

- We will dispatch the new Grips to you on receiving the unused and undamaged Grips.

Check our 'how to wear' video.

If your dog moves a lot, distract him with a treat/toy and start with back paws. Let him get comfortable and then move to front paws.

Reward him with his favourite treats. Intially, make him wear for 30 mins and slowly increase the duration.

If your dog is wearing Zoof Grips for the first time, he is likely to walk funny. That's completely natural. But, do not miss capturing it in a video. It's precious :)

Yes, you can. They are designed to be worn all day long. The breathable mesh ensures that his paws are ventilated. Remove them when he sleeps. Zoof Grips are ment for indoor use only.

We ship within 4 working days. Depending on your location, the grips are likely to reach in 5-8 days.

No worries! WhatsApp us on 9324155548.