Wet & Muddy Paws

Enjoy everyday walks with your pup, without worrying about wet surfaces, puddles or pot holes that make paws dirty and prone to infection

Ticks & Infections

Ticks tend to cling on paw pads and lead to infections and tick fever. Dog shoes are great way to prevent ticks from hiding between your pup's paw pads. Pick one of Zoof Boots, Plops or Casuals to protect your pup's paws

Paw Burns

If it is hot for you to walk barefoot, it is hot for your pup as well. Protect their paws with breathable Zoof Casuals. They are light weight and protect your pup's paws from getting burnt.

Chapped Paws

Dry chapped paws can lead to excessive slipping on smooth surfaces. If unattended, they can crack and lead to painful infections. Keeping your pup's paws moisturized is an absolute must.

Hip Dysplasia / Arthiritis

Shiny, ceramic tiles / marble flooring look great, but dog's paws aren't designed to walk on smooth surfaces. Excessive slipping can cause Hip Dysplasia or make the existing condition worse. It leads to strain on their hips which in turn can lead to serious injury.