Dog shopping list: 12 helpful products to care for your old dog

Dog shopping list: 12 helpful products to care for your old dog

They grow up so fast! It hurts to see your once fur ball of energy slowly losing his fire. He still gives the warmest hugs and always will. 

Dog age works differently than human years, you know this. But do you know that even your dog's breed affects the way his age is calculated. A small or medium dog breed shows signs of seniority around 10-11 years. Whereas a large or giant breed may be considered seniors when they reach 7 years. Thus, a great Dane enters old age far earlier than a Pomeranian. 

How to know that your dog is becoming old? Just like humans, dogs start experiencing eye, ears, joint, skin, and other issues. They get lazy and their immunity becomes weaker. Consult your vet for a clearer picture. 

We aren’t here to talk about the difficulties of old age, we want to tell you how you can make your senior pup’s life easier. Here are 12 products that will help your elder dog!

1) Pet Ramps/Portable Stairs

Dog portable stairs

This is for dogs who have mobility issues and cannot get around the house as well as they used to. Pet stairs/ramps will help them find their way around their favorite spot on the sofa and bed. Besides, they can also get the support to hop in the car. 

Pet ramps are an ideal choice for dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis as stairs can be a little inconvenient for their hind legs. There are different sizes available. Make sure that you choose the one that is suitable for your dog.

Product Recommendations- 

Trixie Multi-Purpose Bi-Fold Ramp: This 61 inch ramp is suitable for pets weighing up to 90 kgs. It is sturdy and has a non-slip coating. More than 3000 consumers have rated highly on amazon, so you can be sure of its credibility. 

Emily Pets Stair Ramp: No assembly is required and it comes with railing and anti-skid feet. It has a sleek modern design with folding mechanism. It weighs just over 2 kg, hence it’s easily portable.

2) Indoor Dog Shoes

Ageing may weaken your dog’s sense of balance. Senior dogs are prone to slipping and losing their grip while walking. The tile/granite flooring in Indian households doesn’t help with this.  It can become a major hindrance, especially for dogs with prior mobility issues like hip dysplasia and arthritis. 

We recommend Zoof Grips. These will provide the required suction indoors. Their anti-slip technology will help your senior dog hold his ground. Look at this senior doggo playing with his ball indoors wearing Zoof Grips.  

Here are 9 things you can do to comfort your dog with hip dysplasia.

3) Mats and Carpets for non slip flooring

dog sleeping on rug

You can also get portable mats and carpets to place around the house to solve the slipping issue. They are also helpful during winters when the cold floor makes their feet uncomfortable.

You have a plethora of cloth and design options to choose from. Pick one that fits your needs and home decor. Here are some of our picks- 

Product Recommendations-

IKEA Stop Filt: This is actually an anti-slip underlay so you don’t have to worry about the carpet moving from its place while your dog is walking or resting over it. You can place it under any of your basic home rugs and carpets to give them a good grip. 

4) Pee Pads

Pet Pee pads

Because accidents happen and you must be prepared. These will help you keep your floor clean. Get a brand that is safe and has built-in dog attractants. Things will become a lot easier. Double it up if it leaks. Both one-time disposable paper pads and reusable paper pads are available. 

Product Recommendations-

Trixie Nappy Puppy Pad: These are disposable pads made from natural cellulose that is extremely absorbent. The base is foil base so the bed underneath won't be affected if you place these in your old dog’s beds/baskets.

5) Diapers/Cloth Diapers

Dog in diapers

If you find diapers more convenient than pee pads, there are many brands available in the market. Cloth ones are more nature-friendly and safe. They aren’t designed for poop, so pay attention. 

Product Recommendations-

Bramton Simple Solution Disposable Diapers: Secure with a super absorbent polymer that converts liquid into gel to prevent leakage. It has repositionable tabs that will not stick to your pet's fur. Available from xs to xl size. 

Trixie Protective Pants Washable Dog Diapers: Washable and reusable diapers for female dogs. Choose a fitting size.   

KUTKUT Male Dog Wrap Reusable Dog Diaper: The eco-friendly, reusable alternative for male dogs. Available in L and XL sizes in checkered pattern. 

6) Special Toys for older dogs

Nina ottosson interactive games for dog

Just because he is ageing doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy play-time. He just may or may not have the energy to play the agile games like fetch anymore. You can engage him with some interactive and food dispensing toys!

Product Recommendations- 

Outward Hound (Nina Ottosson) Dog Twister - Interactive Dog ToyThese are the best in line interactive series games for dogs. They have different levels. Get the one that challenges your pup but is fun at the same time.

7) Special Treats for older dogs

 Dog Chewing bone

You must figure out a special diet for your dog depending upon his condition and body. He probably requires less calorie intake now that he doesn’t move around as much, he shouldn’t miss out on essential nutrients. 

You should feed him soft textured food formulated to fight dental diseases and one that is easy to digest. Ensure that you add joint supplements. Food must be rich in MCTs, omega-3s, and antioxidants. Also get an elevated feeding bowl, so that it is easier on his joints to reach. 

We talked about stimulating treat dispensing games. But what about the treats you put in them? 

Product Recommendations- 

Dogsee Chew Puffy Bars: If your senior doggo likes cheesy treats but cannot chew on the hard ones anymore, these soft dental treats are for him.


8) Orthopedic Bed

Dog sitting on orthopedic bed

Orthopedic beds provide good back and neck support. They are very comforting and will give your old pal a comforting place to rest and recover his energy.

Product Recommendations-

Luxury orthopedic dog bed: A lazy bed for your pet to relax on. It is waterproof and super easy to clean. Especially created for big boned dogs who have the risk of developing arthritis or hip-dysplasia, and old dogs suffering from mobility issues. Available in different sizes.

Sleepy Cat Pet Bed: Calibrated to contour and rest pets comfortably, with an ultra-durable and breathable fabric cover. Orthopedic : Supportive, relieves pressure & pain. Perfect for small senior dogs. 

9) Grooming Essentials

Dog Bathing

Your senior dog will be more sensitive towards the grooming products you use. They may even be reluctant to take a bath, trims, etc. However, carry out his regular grooming routine Pet hygiene is the first step towards staying fit. 

Shampoo: His coat and skin may become sensitive and dry with age.  Get a shampoo and conditioner that are natural and chemical-free.

We recommend Forbis Mild Olive Dog Shampoo- Naturally made from high quality aloe and olive oil. Especially good for soft cleansing for animals with sensitive skin. 

Nail Grinder: Now that he does not move as much as he used to, his nails do not naturally get filed from walking on sidewalks. Get a dog nail grinder/filer to make sure that his nails aren’t overgrowing. Our recommendation, Petlogix Nail Grinder For Dogs- Handy size, quiet, lightweight and has 2 reverse and forward speeds. Comes with a one year warranty.

10) Paw /Snout Soother

Zoof Wax: Paw balm for dogs

If your pup starts licking his nose and paws often, track his behavior. This may also lead to dry, chapped nose and paws.

Zoof Wax is perfect for keeping paws nourished. It is handcrafted with the purest ingredients and is rich in Vitamin E. It will keep your dog’s paws moisturized while firming his grip. 

11) Ear Cleaner and Eyecare

Ear and eye dog

You must consult your vet and get eye drops prescribed; if he is having vision troubles. Invest in nightlights to assist him during the dark. 

Clean his ears with wet cotton balls or ear wipes every 7-10 days and get rid of any dirt accumulated in them. Don’t play TV on high volume.

12) Thundershirts

Dog Anti-stress thundershirt

Chances are your once fighter dog is now scared by surprising and disturbing sounds like fireworks, thunder, vehicle horns, etc. This is because of the weakening of his sight and hearing senses. If he gets startled easily, a thundershirt will soothe him. 

Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap: The patented Thunder Shirt design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement.

Besides, You can also spray some lavender or essential oils in their usual resting/ sleeping place. Their smell is comforting to dogs. 

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