Is your doggo slipping indoors?

You SHOULD be concerned IF
  1. Your puppy is slipping indoors on marble/tile flooring 
  2. Your senior dog is finding it difficult to get up or walk around without slipping

If any of the above is true, your dog is showing early signs of Hip Dysplasia or already has this condition.

What is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip Dysplasia is a hip deformity, most often a genetic condition. It is aggravated by excessive slipping and obesity. It can be very painful for the dog to get up or walk if the condition worsens.

How can I help my dog showing early signs of Hip Dysplasia?

a. Healthy diet (Nutritious, no overfeeding)

b. Low impact exercises like swimming or slow walks

dog walk
c. Do not let your dog slip
If your place has tile or marble flooring which is quite typical in Indian
households, change the flooring to a high-friction one. 

dog slipping
If that is not practical, get them anti-slip indoor shoes. These provide traction and prevent them from skidding. Ensure that they are comfortable and breathable.
zoof grips
Zoof Grips are designed especially to manage Hip Dysplasia.
  1. They provide high grip ( the anti- slip is specially designed for indoor flooring)

  2. They are breathable (The upper of the shoe is made of mesh)

  3. They don’t come off (Double velcro fastening)







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