Excited to enter 2022? Here are 8 new year resolutions for dog parents!

Excited to enter 2022? Here are 8 new year resolutions for dog parents!

What a year it’s been! You know that quote “Every day it looks like nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.” That is what it feels like. But I think we’ll be speaking for most when we say we are glad that it’s over. We are truly ready for a new year filled with hope, dreams, excitement and lots of wags.

Your dog was the best pal that stayed with you through the thick and thin of the year. As you step into the new year with more wisdom and tons of things on the to-do list, do not forget your dog. Make it your mission to make this new year a better, safer, thrilling and loving time in your dog’s life.

Here are 10 new year resolutions that'll make your dog fall in love with you even more than he already is!

1) We will go on daily walks

Dog walking with parent in a garden

Gym memberships rise by nearly 12 percent every year in January. Why? Because all of us have the dream of having the perfect body but only a handful of us actually commit. This year, change that. Let your dog accompany you. His enthusiasm will boost your energy levels too. 

Go on daily walks. Though, switch it up with different trails every once in a while so the fun never dies. You can also play a few rounds of fetch, frisbee fun, and small agility courses in the local park. Regular exercising will keep your pup active and mentally stimulated. Plus, the endorphins spike will put you both in a great mood. 

Even when working out seems like a chore, it’s the discipline that matters. So, don’t make excuses. Can’t go out because of the weather? Play indoor games but don’t skip out on the routine. 

2) I will not give my dog unhealthy treats even when he is giving me the puppy eyes.

Dog making puppy eyes at food

Obesity is problematic. It has bad effects on your dog’s metabolism and overall health. Ensure you measure your dog’s food and follow his diet plan. Do not give him too many sugary, salty and artificial preservative treats. Choose a brand you can trust. 

Be strict about his food portion sizes. However, make sure that his food is rich in essential nutrients, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins. A balanced diet equals a healthy and balanced dog. 

3) I will never stop learning. 

Stay connected to the dog community. Follow dog nutrition experts, trainers, etc. on social media. Pawsindiaoffical, Justdogsindia, are good pet focused pages that give you relevant information and keep you up to date with the pet community. Follow Zoof Pets Instagram for dog care tips and pawfect updates. The more you learn, the better you will understand how to properly care for your doggy. 

Emergencies happen so have a basic knowledge about dog first-aid. Learn about how season’s impact dogs and what certain behaviors mean. If he/she has certain medical conditions, consult your vet and find dog parents who can give you helpful tips. Whatever you do, double-check it’s safety. When you are in charge, your dog will automatically feel secure and protected. 

4) I will teach my dog a new skill every month

Dog parent training his puppy in the garden

If parents do not pay attention to their children, they can turn out unruly. It is because the kid wasn’t taught what is right or wrong. Your dog is your furry kid. It is your duty to praise him when he is right and teach him the correct way when he is wrong.

A major part of dog training deals with the relationship between the parent and their dog. The goal is to form a bond where your dog respects and listens to you. This will only happen when you work on training and spending time with him every day. 

Every dog must know some basic commands like Sit, Stay, Drop it, etc. They must have an excellent recall. You can use positive reinforcement techniques to refresh on the old tricks and make him learn new one’s as well. Your dog can learn 150+ words. Why restrict him? Widening his horizons will keep him mentally stimulated, get the tag of the “smart boi’ and bring him closer to you.

Read our special blog on dog training where Dr. Devanshi clears all your dog training related doubts. 

 5) I will clear the clutter

Dog Cleaning
Image credit- The Bark 

If you are the super organized, perfectionist dog mom/dad, kudos to you. But many of us sometimes overlook the small inconveniences. It can be a lot of work when you’re already so busy. It is okay but this year with new beginnings it is time to sit down and tend to the tiny things. 

First on the list, check the ID tag, make sure it is updated and not overdue for a change. Inspect all the essentials like pet bed, blankets, food and water bowl, dog crate, leash and collar etc. Toss out old toys if they are ripped. They can be home to many bacteria. Ensure, you maintain dog and home hygiene by doing a thorough clean up of all your dog’s daily use items at least once a month.

Check and replace run-down dog shoes so they aren’t uncomfortable. Your dog only has one set of boots in which he walks everyday, so they may wear out after 7-8 weeks of heavy usage. Keep an eye. If you have  Zoof Boots, they come in a pack of 8/12 boots. So, if one of the boots gets worn, be sure to replace just that one and continue to use the other 3. This ensures a longer boot life. 

Hand Wash your dog’s Zoof shoes with a mild soap whenever you are doing a clean up of your dog’s essentials.  Apply talc for retaining moisture and increasing durability. 

6) I will pay extra care towards my dog’s health.

Dog at doctors

Have you done your dog’s annual health check-up lately? If he is overdue, sign him up for it. Before anything, we want our dogs to be okay.  There are things that may look not-so-problematic on the surface but hint to a deeper trouble. It is important to get an expert opinion. 

With ageing, there may also be changes to the diet and exercise plans that your pet needs. All these things can be sorted by going to the doc. It will give you peace of mind and keep your dog's health in check. 

A big part of dog hygiene and health is grooming. Make sure you follow a grooming schedule. Dental cleaning daily or at least every other day is important. Check his nails from time to time. If your pooch is a hairy breed, make sure his fur is tended to and matt free. You know the drill. 

If you don’t have pet insurance, it is ideal to get one. 

7) I will switch to organic dog products.

With more awareness, most of us are adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Do the same for your dogs. If you have a choice, always go for the products that are environment-conscious. This isn’t just for our planet but also for our dogs. Chemical-free products are milder and have marginally less harmful side-effects. 

Check the description of the shampoos, conditioner, balm, grooming tools, food, etc. you use. Make sure they are suitable for your dog. Check out Zoof Wax, our organic paw balm, made from beeswax, shea butter, olive oil and lemongrass. It is enriched with Vitamin E and is completely lick-safe. Notably useful in winters.

Zoof Wax: Paw balm for dogs

Not just pet products but also medicine. Along with veterinary medicine, try natural supplements, homoeopathic, acupuncture, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy techniques. These may second-handedly help your dog heal naturally.

8) I will make everyday memorable! 

Dog parent carrying his dog affectionately

Yep, we are aiming too high. There are just too many days for our brain to remember all of them. But what we mean here is, make memories and remember the happy feelings. 

You can even plan small trips with your dog. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it is to cherish the present moment and take every lively chance you get. Winter’s are especially a good time to travel in India. Read our blog on travelling with your dog for a helpful guide that will help you plan your trip. 

Even if you cannot go on an adventure, start with something small yet new. There are so many local dog parks, cafes, events etc. around. Especially if you are in the city. Try to be a part of some of them. Take many photos. It is okay to spam your Instagram with your dog’s goofy videos. 

This point is even more relevant if you have a senior dog. Create a bucket list of the things you think your elder dog will like to do before he crosses the rainbow bridge. Nothing too extreme, but even participating in small fun activities together will get his tail wagging and create a paw shaped dent in your heart. 

How was your year? What are 3 resolutions you want to stick to in the new year? Let us know in the comments below.

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