10 Helpful Pet Products Every Dog Parent Must Have This Monsoon

10 Helpful Pet Products Every Dog Parent Must Have This Monsoon

Monsoon is around. Though the drizzly showers are a blessing from the scorching summer heat; rainy days also mean muddy paws, ticks, fleas, and the revolting wet dog smell. And, the possibility of my pup catching bacterial infections scares the hell outta me. 

But no need to worry. I’ve got you covered! Following is a checklist of all the doggie essential products that you need to survive rain with your pup. I hope these will provide you with a helping hand in pampering your dog this monsoon.

Let’s jump right into the list, shall we?

  1. Dog Raincoats
  2. Dog Shoes
  3. Water-proof Dog Collar and Harness
  4. Dry Shampoo
  5. High Absorbent towels & Hair Dryer
  6. Ear wipes
  7. Paw Balm
  8. Anti-tick products
  9. Indoor games 
  10. Grooming Tools & Odour neutralizer
  11. Bonus Point: Anti-anxiety products

    1) Dog Raincoats

    If it rains incessantly like it does in Mumbai or if you hate bringing a mud-splashed puppy home after every walk, you should get a raincoat for your pup. If your dog has thick fur, then drying them every time with a hairdryer can be a hassle. Also, the temperature drop and polluted rainwater may bring unwanted health issues like pneumonia, bacteria allergies, viral fevers, etc.

    Invest in a good-quality raincoat. Period.

    How to pick a good one?  Pick one that suits your pup. If your pup is calm and used to wearing clothes, pick a full-coverage raincoat like the one by Doxster Labs.

    If your pup is like mine - fussy and hates keeping the hoodie on, pick 80% coverage, turtle neck Zoof Raincoat. They are easy to slip on and protects the belly from mud splashes. The turtle-neck can be tightened behind the ears and keeps their chest + neck dry. 

    2) Waterproof Dog Shoes

    Your puppy's paws are exposed to all kinds of parasites and bacteria when they walk on muddy roads and in the tall shrubbery of their favourite garden. They are highly susceptible to get themselves cut, bruised, or infected. Paw infections can be painful and take months to heal. This is why rain boots are indispensable.

    If your pup is fussy, take it slow by putting on the boots just on the back paws. Let him get used to the feeling of shoes before you put them on all four paws. 

    If your pup is a large breed, go for Zoof Plops. They are water-resistant, anti-slip, easy to put on and are fastened by double velcro.  

    If your pup is a small breed, you can go either for Zoof Boots or Zoof Plops. Zoof Boots are made of natural rubber and are waterproof. They are sole-less, hence, easy for the pup to get used to shoes.  

    3) Water-proof Dog Collar and Harness 

    Is your pup coming back home with a stinky collar and wet leash? Bacteria loves moisture and exposing your pup’s mouth & eyes to a bedload is a scary thought. Invest in a waterproof collar and leash. 

    They are practical, hygienic, and long-lasting. A quick rinse with pet shampoo and water and they are as good as new. 

    There are very few options available in India. Zoof Waterproof Collar & Leash set is comfortable and stylish. They are made of flexi-poly coated webbing and are odor-proof. They are great for a hiking trip or a day at the beach.  

    4) Dry Shampoo

    You cannot bathe your dog every time they get dirty. Due to the cool and damp weather, too much exposure to moisture and water may prove to be harmful to your dog’s health. However, it becomes of utmost importance that your dog stays clear of any bacteria, viruses, etc. You can spray dry shampoo to keep their coat clean and fresh. Captain Zack Tick’et to Fleadom  or Wahl No Rinse Oatmeal Dog Shampoo are great options.

    5) Hair Dryer & High Absorbent Towels

    Yes, your average hair dryer. After returning from your walk, do not let your pup be wet for too long as the cold and moisture may cause various health problems. Pat them dry with a clean towel. Use a hairdryer to blow-dry their fur. Keep the setting at the lowest (not too hot) as it will damage their fur. 

    If your pup is scared of hairdryer, keep a high absorbent towel for his daily hygiene and care. Make sure that the towels are washed and disinfected for the next use. Aeolus Super Dry Absorption Towels work great for fidgety, dryer-hating pups.

    6) Ear Wipes

    Monsoon is also the time when your dog is more prone to ear infections due to the high level of moisture in the environment. To prevent this, you must clean their ears every few days. I recommend Vivaldi’s Tris Edta Aqueous Ear Cleansing Solution. Make sure that whichever product you choose is non-irritable and sensitive to your dog’s needs. Soft wipes can be used to wipe their ears as well as their eyes. Due to low visibility, eye care also becomes important. 

    7) Paw Balm

    A dog’s paw pads can lose nourishment and start developing cracks due to walking on un-weathered roads. Also, constant drying can lead to drying of paws.  Rubbing paw butter/balm has a moisturising and comforting effect. You can either rub a drop of coconut oil on their paws every night or pick specially formulated Zoof Wax to keep your puppy's paws healthy and nourished. 

    8) Anti-Tick Products

    The increasing number of ticks and fleas population during the rains is a serious concern. They make a home in your dog’s comfy coat, infecting them. Bathe and cleanse your dog’s fluffy hair with a good anti-tick shampoo, every fortnight or month. Make your pup wear a raincoat and dog shoes to prevent ticks from clinging on. Check your dog’s ears and shoulders for ticks after every walk. Talk to your vet and choose a preventive line of treatment - tick collar or spot-on or tablets. 

    9) Indoor Games- Dog Toys

    Because of the downpour, there won’t be much outdoor activity for your dog. You may be stuck in a lockdown situation. So, you can’t just sit there, right? This is the time to make your home their playground. 

    Play games like tug of war, hide and seek, fetch (with light objects), etc. Buy new engaging puzzle toys that will keep them on their toes and give them a training boost. They are quite fun, engaging, and act as a good cognitive exercise. Outward Hound toys by Nina Ottosson or Kong toys are great options.

    10) Grooming Tools & Odour neutralizer

    Chances are that the thunderstorms outside will make you miss a couple of your dog’s grooming appointments. But you cannot let rain affect your dog’s hygiene. Especially, when this is the time when they are more prone to getting dirty and sick.

    Stock up on essential dog grooming tools like nail clippers, brushes, dental care, de-shedding brushes, etc. Few brands that I like are FURminator Pet Grooming Tools, Petology Professional Automatic Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer, and Goofy Tails All Dogs Grooming Basket 

    We all are aware of the unpleasant smell, our dog’s coat emits. This smell grows more robust in the rainy season with a high level of moisture. You of course wouldn’t want your house to smell like that.  Spray the anti-bacterial odor eliminator on any carpet or furniture item that he spoiled to clean the area of any harmful bacteria/virus and not let the scent settle in.

    If your furry dog has a persistent and typical stinky smell, you can get a dog deodorizer. It will erase it and leave them smelling fresher. I like Captain Zack - Scent’sationally Yours Dog Cologne and PetVeda Ayurvedic Fetching Deodorant Spray.

    Bonus Point: Anti-anxiety Solutions

    Many puppies suffer from anxiety. They get scared from hearing the thunder strokes and lightning outside. If your dog experiences this, you can ease their pain by getting them a thundershirt. Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket work by constantly applying gentle pressure to calm your dog. This relieves anxiety and fearfulness in him.

    You can also try aromatherapy. Calming dog collars and essential oils relax your dog by emitting a soothing smell. You can also try Beaphar Dog Calming Collar or Huft Calming Massage Oil For Dogs to de-stress your pup

    Did any of these products catch your attention? What is your favorite dog product that has become pet care essential for you? Let us know in the comments! 



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