Our Story

We're problem solvers first. Product designers next. And now dog lovers too.

When somebody from our Zoof community affectionately asks us, 'Did you start Zoof Pets in the memory of your childhood dogs?', we nod a big no. No, we did not grow up with dogs. A stray dog here, a kitten there, that was our only childhood association with pet animals.

As passionate problem solvers and product designers, all we wanted was to build a brand that solves real problems for people like you and me. In this pursuit, one day, we happened to meet a dog parent. And, then we met another and slowly fell in love with their babies' wet nose and warm eyes, one paw at a time. We met over 200 dogs and their parents with a curious mindset, understood every detail about bringing up dogs and their lifestyle.

Paws, a part of a dog's body that can determine a dog's health, emerged as an area of unanimous concern for urban pet parents. And, that gave birth to all things Zoof. 🐢

Aneesha, Deepak & Zoofy
The Founders

Hi! We're Aneesha and Deepak.

Aneesha is the voice and soul of Zoof Pets. She's the one who puts herself in your shoes and ensures a well-informed, customer-centric approach from product ideation to delivery and beyond.

All of Zoof's products are Deepak's engineering to be as they are – functional, aesthetic, innovative and comforting. His ingenuity has brought relief and joy to over 7000 dogs in their daily lives in a short span of two years.

And that's Zoofy. Our newest addition to the founding family. The first doggie to accept or reject a new product idea. πŸ˜‰

Glimpses from our factory
Made with love and precision.

We pay special attention to materials, shape, durability and tenacity for the dog shoes to suit a variety of breeds, terrains, environment and bring ease to everyday movement for the doggos. Each set of Zoof Shoes are crafted with utmost perfection.