Paw protection for urban doggos. Designed in India.

Just like our feet, our furry babies require protection from weather conditions, concrete surfaces, muck, mud, ticks, germs and slippery floors. We make functional dog shoes for all needs and all breeds. Those that are comfortable, ergonomic and good looking. No more paw woes for the doggo and the dog parent.

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Zoof Plops

Puddles? Clean paws, despite.

Enjoy everyday walks with your pup, without worrying about wet surfaces, puddles or pot holes that make paws dirty and prone to infection. Zoof Plops are water-resistant, have an anti-slip sole and can be cleaned with just soap and water. Suitable for all seasons but especially useful during rains. Pawfect pawtection.

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How Dodo keeps her paws clean, everyday!

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For the Pups Amongst Friends and Family. 

Your near and dear ones adore their dog-child, don't they? Send their pups a unique gift on their birthdays, homecoming anniversaries or just like that. Dog shoes that look good, protect paws and make daily walks and occasional outings joyful.

Send love for the love they bring to your loved one. 😊

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"When dogs slip on floors their joints undergo irreversible damage causing arthritis. The gaps between bones increase deforming them, causing pain. Wearing anti-slip Zoof Grips at an early age can help prevent this hip dysplasia. And bring relief to older dogs who suffer from it, preventing the condition from worsening. Highly recommended."

– Dr. Akshay Shah, AcuVet, Mumbai

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Zoof Grips

Indoors? No More Slipping. Prevent Hip Dysplasia.

Indoor dog shoes that are designed to provide traction on marble, tile or hardwood flooring that causes stress on doggies' hips. Very soft insides with a mesh lining to prevent the paw from sweating and provide comfort throughout the day. Prevents slipping, hip dysplasia and other arthritic conditions. Helps manage any existing arthritic conditions.

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Honest love from our Zoof Community.


Extremely helpful! Asked me for my pup’s paw size to make sure that the dog shoes I ordered were right. I haven’t seen any brand taking so much effort to make sure they deliver the best value to the customer. Very well designed shoes, great for outdoor use. I recommend Zoof Pets to every dog parent. ❤️

Siddharth Jindal



My baby loved wearing her Zoofs! She was a little uncomfortable after wearing them for the first time. Now she enjoys wearing them and I enjoy taking her for walks without any worry of her paws getting dirty.

Suresh Ramdas



There is nothing better than Zoof Boots for my furry baby. They are of excellent quality, comfortable and last long. Not only does it protect my baby's paws from harsh temperatures and dirt but with regular use his paws have become as soft as the day he was born! It has been the best purchase ever for my doggo!

Ritika Wadhawan



The reason I bought Zoof Shoes is because my doggie had a small injury on the paw area and it was not healing because of daily walks. But once I started using Zoofs, it healed quickly making him walk comfortably and surprisingly he also likes wearing them! 😊

Anagha Pednekar



Oreo loves wearing his Zoof shoes. Thank you so much for sending these on time. Oreo runs fast when we take him for a walk and I tried all kinds of shoes but eventually his running tore them within a day or two. But nothing happens to his Zoof Shoes. Loving your product!

Aarti Khankar