Top Dog Grooming Related Questions

Top Dog Grooming Related Questions
Your Doggie Is Famous!!!

How many times does your puppy get approached by a stranger for petting when you go out for a walk? With that adorable face, people must constantly surround him with “Oh, how cute? Can I take you home?” (No, You Can’t!). But Oh it takes effort to keep up with all that style!

Your dog needs to be properly groomed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Irregular grooming may lead to various health issues and inconveniences.  This is why we’ve asked one of the leading pet groomers in Mumbai, Shweta Verma to answer a few of the top dog grooming questions.

Let's get to know our groomer!

The owner of Yes Says Doggie Shweta has attained specialization in pet grooming from Starwood Art Of Dog Grooming School, Thailand. With an experience of over 9 years, a National Prize, multiple certifications and accolades to back her up, she has some useful tips to keep our dogs groomed and happy!

Let’s see what Shweta has to say!

1) How can you tell when your dog needs to be groomed?

It's ideal to groom your dog daily, incorporating basic cleaning habits into their routine. Each morning, especially for furry dogs, check for any boogers around the eyelids. Use a soft cloth dipped in saline or rose water to clean them up. Avoid using cotton or tissue for wiping as they can disintegrate when moist, which could be harmful if they enter the eye. Instead, use special cotton pads or facial tissues that are more durable.

Besides, you must check his coat and paws for any debris every time you return from a walk. Clipping the nails from time to time, brushing the coat, bathing every 7-10 days, etc. are healthy sanitation practices.

As for professional grooming, we recommend a 4-6 week schedule. You can also take your pet to the salon whenever you feel the need for a good trim and makeover.

2)In the scorching summer months, what should I do if I notice rashes or burns on my dog's paw?

Do not self-medicate. Seek professional help.

I do not recommend following the advice of other pet parents either because all dogs are different. Skin infections may look similar but are different and what may have worked for their dog may not work for yours. Thus, it is best if he is taken care of expertly right from the start.

3) Is there any way to prevent Paw Burns ? Do you think dog shoes are helpful?

Absolutely! But make sure that they are of the correct fit. If your dog is comfortable wearing them, dog shoes have multiple benefits.

I especially recommend shoes. Walking barefoot on hot pavements and sidewalks can cause intense paw burns. Paw burns take a long time to heal and can be painful. A set of breathable shoes will prevent this ordeal. 

Using shoes for your dog can significantly reduce the hassle of washing and drying their paws, making them the best option for protecting their paws from sunburn.

4) How do I manage my doggie’s overgrowing paw hair?

Buy a blunt pair of scissors. Comfort your dog and make sure that he is not wiggly. Let him play with his toys and superficially trim that extra bunch. Be very careful while doing this, so that you do not end up hurting his paw.

Take him to a groomer if he is uncomfortable and difficult to groom at home.

5) How often should I trim my dog’s nails? What is the best way to clip nails at home?

Most dogs need a monthly nail trim, although some may not require it as frequently if their nails naturally wear down from activities like walking on rough surfaces. However, even these dogs may need their nails clipped occasionally as they tend to grow quickly.

When clipping your dog's nails at home, use specially designed nail clippers appropriate for your dog's size. Avoid clipping the nails too short, as this can cut into the quick, which contains nerve endings and blood vessels. For dogs with clear nails, trim until you see a faint pink line. If your dog has black nails, it's safer to seek the assistance of a vet or groomer. Be cautious while trimming to avoid causing pain, as this can lead to a negative association with nail trimming. If your dog is restless during the process, consider seeking professional help or using a nail filer instead of clippers.

6) Are there any special practices that we should include in their daily paw care routine?

If your dog has a dry paw, you must moisturize them with a lick safe paw balm. Massaging his feet with coconut oil will provide nourishment.

Ensure that the products you use are made of natural ingredients.

7)I'm sure you've encountered dogs who aren't calm during grooming. How do you comfort them in such situations? What can we as dog parents do to ease our dog's grooming anxiety?

Most pet groomers do not allow pet parents to be with them during the grooming session. This is because your doggo is too excited when his favorite human is around. Grooming requires care and precision that is difficult to attain when the dog is jumpy.

We understand that it is very difficult to leave your baby with a stranger. The best thing you can do here is to do your research regarding the groomer. Make sure that they are credible and trustworthy. Once you are at peace, your dog will automatically calm down. If you are hesitant, your dog will understand and be skeptical as well. Talk to him and make him feel secure. After all, your heartstrings are attached!

Dog grooming is similar to going to school for the first time. You are scared to leave your child and the child is worried about staying alone. But slowly and steadily, you get used to it, and there comes a time when you love it. Be patient. It will be worth it!

8) Finally, do you have any grooming and hygiene tips to share with us?

Make grooming a fun activity for your dog! Don’t make it a chore. Start with smaller sessions and then move on to daily grooming time-table. Having a daily grooming schedule is a compulsion. Keep it simple and comfortable. After all, it is his pampering time. Include treats, games, etc.

Dog Grooming Time = Dog Bonding Time.
In conclusion, grooming your dog is essential for their health and well-being. Daily grooming practices like cleaning boogers from around the eyelids and checking their coat and paws for debris are important. Professional grooming every 4-6 weeks is also recommended. In summer, protect your dog's paws from burns with breathable shoes. Trimming nails monthly is ideal, using specially designed clippers. For dogs with dry paws, moisturize them with a lick-safe paw balm. Comfort restless dogs during grooming by ensuring the groomer is credible and trustworthy. Make grooming a fun bonding activity for your dog to enjoy.

Do you have more questions? Shoot us a comment below and we will be happy to respond. 

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