Sweep Your Dog Off His Feet- How To Find The Perfect Dog Booties?

Sweep Your Dog Off His Feet- How To Find The Perfect Dog Booties?

With so many different shoe styles available in the market, picking one that suits all your dog’s needs can be a real challenge. 

If you are a first-time buyer, or a long-time dog boot user, this write-up will serve as an ultimate guide to picking the right shoes for your pooch.

Let’s first begin by understanding the different styles of dog shoes and their unique features. 

Dog Boots Vs Dog Shoes

Dog boots are footwear essential for your puppy. They are reusable/disposable and easy to get on. Unlike other kinds of dog shoes, boots don’t have a sole so your dog can feel the ground below. This makes them get used to the boots quickly. The funny walk phase is still the cutest but short and less troubling. 

Dog boots are your go-to for rain as they are generally waterproof. They also shield paws from getting scorched on extremely hot or cold pavements. Perfect for casual walks and daily wear.

Boots also make a great shoe for first-timers as they have an easy put-on and removal mechanism without zippers or straps. These can act as training shoes that will acquaint them with the feel of actual shoes. 

However, boots may not work on uneven ground or sharper objects as they are sole-less.

Dog sitting on grass wearing shoes

Check out Zoof Boots, our soft, lightweight dog boots made from natural rubber.  Available in some of the cutest and quirkiest patterns.

Dog Shoes

Just like we need special sports shoes when we engaging in heavier physical activity; our dogs also need better quality footwear that provides them the stability and traction needed when outdoors. 

If your puppy’s walking path involves uneven terrain or littered roads, they’ll need shoes to keep them secure. These will enable him to go on long walks and provide much-needed paw protection from snow, rain, hot pavements, and rocky trails. Once put on, your puppy’s feet will be secured with straps or hooks and loops. 

Keep in mind that you may have to try multiple shoes to find one that is perfect for your pooch. It may take some time getting used to boots but ultimately, they are so worth it. You will never know if you don't try!

Zoof Runners: outdoor casual Shoes for Dogs

Zoof Casuals are casual everyday-walk shoes made from a dog's perspective. It's soft cotton canvas  and anti-slip sole offers a light, breezy and comfortable experience. It is secured by a strong double velcro mechanism.


With so many options in brand, type, size, quality, etc. to choose from, deciding on the ideal dog shoe is tricky. The key is to find a pair that offers wiggle room and is comfortable. Make sure that the shoe you pick stays on and supports your puppy’s paws. 

Following are some of the qualities you must look out for when you’re dog shoe shopping.

Dog Shoe Features

What about Durability? Durability in shoes is subjective. We (as humans) think dog shoes should last for over an year. But, with dogs, the force applied + friction is very high as they walk quite differently from us. Also, they use the same set of shoes for every walk. Hence, if a shoe has suited your pup's walking style for 7-8 weeks complacently, then that's considered good. 

You must trim/file your dog's nails to make shoes last longer and let him have a pleasant walking experience.


The most common complaint regarding dog shoes is that they do not stay on. You must measure your dog’s paw size correctly if you don’t want their boots to be too loose or too tight.

Just like human shoewear, different brands measure dog boot size in their own way. Most companies measure the widest part of the dog’s paw, whereas others size it from the heel of the foot to the tip of the toenail.

Zoof Pets uses the widest part measurement method to calculate the most accurate shoe size of your dog. You can find the complete tutorial with pictures and a sizing chart here.


To meet all your dog’s unique needs, you first need to find out what it is that your dog needs? To answer this, ask yourself the following questions.

What is your main objective behind buying dog shoes?

Are you buying dog shoes for taking him on casual walks? 

Do you want him supported while playing or performing heavy physical exercises? 

Does he need seasonal protection?

Is your dog hitting old age and needs paw protection? 

Is he suffering from Weak Hind legs/Hip Dysplasia and needs support indoors?

Are his paws getting dirty and you've observed ticks clinging on to his paws?

Is his path teeming with stone/ glass pieces or thorns?

Is it raining or his walking path is wet with cars being washed?

Once you have determined your reasons, we can move on to answering them one by one.

Casual walks or Hiking?

If you need dog shoes to take him on casual walks, then simple good quality boots are a good option. These will protect your pup from harsh pavements and prevent their paws from getting dirty.

If you are planning on hiking, your dog needs sturdier, special shoes. These have a better grip and will support your pooch’s whole paw and ankle. 

Seasonal Protection

Zoof Plops: Rainy Shoes For Dogs

If your place experiences heavy rainfall during monsoons and you are considering getting him rain boots. Make sure that the boots you buy are waterproof and anti-tick. Zoof Plops are specially designed for rain and have these features. So, we and your dog will be thrilled if you pick us haha!

Even thinking of walking barefoot in summer or winter is dreadful. If you do not want them to suffer from sores, burns, or blisters, you must invest in good dog boots. Zoof Boots and Zoof Casuals are your go-to choice for extreme hot and cold weather. 

Senior Dogs and Canine Hip Dysplasia

Senior dogs have soft paws due to the lack of outdoor activity. This makes them more susceptible to paw injuries and cuts. If you need shoes to support them indoors, get them Zoof Grips.

Doggo wearing Zoof Grips

Another reason to get Zoof Grips is if your dog has Hip Dysplasia or arthritis. We know dealing with hip dysplasia is painful and we hope to support your brave fur baby. Tile, marble, and wood flooring which is typical in Indian households are not suitable for dogs with hip dysplasia as they can slip and hurt themselves more. Zoof Grips are anti-slip indoor shoes that will provide the necessary traction.


If your dog is new to trying boots, it may take some getting used to. You must introduce booties slowly with some positive reinforcement techniques. This will reduce your dog’s stress regarding his new kicks. 

To do this-

  1. Grab his favorite toys and treats.
  2. Let him smell the shoes first and get comfortable with them.
  3. Once he is fine with the boot touching his paw, put the boot on (back paws first). Treat him after you do so.
  4. Repeat this tighten-shoe-and-treat procedure on his front paws too till all his four paws are secured. 
  5. After he's buckled up, play with him using his favorite toys. This will help him associate his new accessory with good experiences.
  6. After 10-15 minutes, you can take him on a walk outside.

If you have still have trouble getting your dog acclimatised with his new shoes, don't hesitate to connect with us. 

Have more shoe-buying questions? Shoot us a comment below and we’ll be happy to reply!

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