Tackling Stray Pups: The Pawfect Guide

Tackling Stray Pups: The Pawfect Guide
Imagine a nice, windy evening. Oh, it's almost time for your pup's walk! You watch how he gets excited when you put his leash on and head outside. Everything seems perfect but then...what's that?! A stray dog, again! How many times do you avoid taking your dog's favorite route in order to not encounter stray dogs? 
Dogs are territorial. It is natural for them to react and safeguard their territory. Taking our pups for a walk with stray dogs viciously barking can be intimidating but can be tackled. We will tell you how :)

1. Notice The Initiations 

Does your baby have a big personality who just loves to make new furry friends? Is he the one approaching these street dogs or is it the other way around? Make sure to observe your puppy's habits on the streets. If that is the case, then you obviously cannot change your pup's personality, but you can teach him the basic 'yes' and 'no' commands.

Telling your dog "no" persistently when he tries to approach a stray dog will make him understand that it is wrong to do so. Eventually, he will drop that habit. Just be patient with him! In order to make your pup learn faster, you can make use of treats and other rewards when he listens to your command. 

2. Befriending Them

Stray dogs may only feel like attacking you and your dog if they feel threatened. Make sure that you come off as friendly and carry a packet of dog-safe biscuits or cookies. Then, you can throw it afar or on the other side.

This way, the street dogs will get distracted and go towards the treats. This technique will not only keep you and your dog at a safe range from the strays, but the strays will also be thankful to you for giving them food. Slowly, they would start recognising you and your dog. In most of the cases, they would become friends with your dog. If that doesn't happen, they would at least get tolerant of your dog walking past them. 

3. Do Not Make Eye Contact

Sharing eye contact may intimidate the stray dog. They may consider it as a threat and come attacking. So, avoid eye contact initially. Stand tall but walk away confidently

Always keep an eye out for stray dogs but make sure you do not look them in the eye. 

4. Staying Calm Always Works

Walk Closely With Your Dog

If you are calm, your dog is calm. When you panic, your dog panics. It is as simple as that! You or your pooch may feel nervous in the presence of a stray dog even if he is not approaching you.

If you start feeling anxious, your dog will understand that something is wrong and may start attracting the attention of the strays. Just stand tall, appear dominant and take a deep breath in order to calm yourself.

5. The Closer, The Better

Always make sure that your dog is walking right beside you when you spot a stray dog on the street. Not in the front and not at the back. He always needs to be walking right beside you!

In order to do so, try shortening the length of your pup's leash by grabbing on to the part which is closer to his collar. Limiting space between the both of you will decrease the chances of a stray dog coming your way. 

6. Always Make Space 

Taking precaution can never be a bad thing. On the other hand, it can only be beneficial! When you see a stray on the road from afar, try to put in as much distance as you can between him and you and your pup.

For example, if you and your dog are walking on the footpath when you see the stray, quickly cross the road and take the other footpath. No harm done in just a little bit of caution! 

7. Are Your Weapons Ready? 

Relax, we are not going for a war! We are just going for a walk. But with sticks, canes and any other super long object. This rod or stick is not to hurt the stray dog but merely scare him off if he comes too close to your pup.

These sticks can also be used to startle the stray dogs if it seems as though they may impose a threat upon you or your dog. Don't be afraid, just get your weapon ready! 

8. Running Is A Big No! 

Never run from a stray dog! Ever! They will either think that you are playing with them and will chase after you or they will think that you are their prey and then again, chase after you.

By running away from a stray dog, you are not only putting yourself in danger, but also your own dog. Look for other options to distract the stray, but never run away from him. 

Coming across stray dogs while you are on a pleasant walk with your pup can be unnerving. That is why we hope that this blog will help you manage those stray babies. 

Did you find this helpful? Leave us a comment if you have any further questions or suggestions!

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