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Zoof Grips

Anti Slip Indoor Dog Shoes

Is your dog slipping on marble or tile floors? Or struggling to get up once seated? Replacing the flooring or carpeting the entire house isn't practical.

And, this is extra important if you're a senior dog parent or have a pup showing signs of hip dysplasia/arthritis!

To solve this, we made Zoof Grips: specially designed anti-slip shoes for dogs. They provide an excellent grip on indoor flooring and protect your pup's joints from injuries and stress.

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  • Includes 4 anti-slip indoor dog shoes in color Black + a shoe bag to store.
  • Kindly WhatsApp us for sizes higher than 7.5 cm. We will customize for you.
  • Exchanges only. No returns. Please read our exchange policy below.
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🐾 Specially designed Anti-slip sole

👟 Soft, breathable upper for all day comfort

🔄 Easy to put on & doesn't come off

🐶 Helps senior dog get a grip

🦴 Helps manage Canine Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis

🐕 Suitable for all breeds - Pugs to Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Labradors

Yes, if you live in a house with marble / tile floors and your pup

- Is 7+ yrs old (or)

- Has Canine Hip Dysplasia / Arthritis (or)

- Is slipping indoors / has difficulty getting up

Can Zoof Grips be worn outdoors?
No, Zoof Grips have a soft anti-slip sole for all-day comfort. The soft sole may get damaged if used on rough outdoor surfaces. Hence, they are not suitable for outdoor wear.

Are Zoof Grips suitable for puppies?
Yes, they are suitable for puppies above the age of 3 months. They are especially useful for puppies who tend to jump and run on slippery marble/ tile flooring.

Are Zoof Grips suitable for senior dogs?
Yes, Zoof Grips are specially made to provide traction for senior dogs. It also helps them get up without slipping. If your senior dog is active, Zoof Grips will help in preventing undue stress on knee and hip joints. If he suffers from Hip Dysplasia / Arthritis, it will help manage the pain and protect him from further deterioration. Zoof Grips will not reverse or cure Hip Dysplasia / Arthritis.

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Always keep the velcro fastened, even when not in use.
This ensures the hook doesn't attract dust and loose it's stickiness.
Hand wash the grips with mild soap and water if they get dirty. Store the shoes in the shoe bag when not in use.

Return Policy

We do not take returns (hence, no refund).

Exchange Policy 

Our exchange policy is hassle-free and simple. You can request a size exchange within 10 days from delivery.

To initiate an exchange, please drop us an email with your order number at woof@zoofpets.com  or ping us on Whatsapp.

We offer return pick-up (for most locations) for a pickup charge of ₹149, unless it is non-serviceable by our logistics partners. For non-serviceable areas, we will request you to kindly send your shipments to us. 

Also, return pickups typically take 10-15 days to reach us. We can only process the exchange after we have received the return shipment.

The terms of exchange are as follows:

- Only size exchange is available

- You can request for exchange only once

- If the product is damaged or used, it is not possible for us to accept an exchange request. Please make sure that you use the product indoors. Also, if your trying our shoes to check for size, please clean your pup's paws before you put the shoes on

- Products that are sold in packs cannot be exchanged as individual items

- We ask that you preserve the product in its original condition with packaging

- Delivery charges are not refundable under the exchange

 Cancellation Policy

In case you would like to cancel the order, it is possible anytime before the order is dispatched. Cancellation charges of Rs. 99 would be deducted and the remaining amount would be credited back to you. We deduct this amount as we have to pay the payment gateway and e-commerce platform a % of the transaction even if the order gets cancelled. 


Indoor Anti-slip Shoes


"When dogs slip on floors their joints undergo irreversible damage causing arthritis. The gaps between bones increase deforming them, causing pain. Wearing anti-slip Zoof Grips at an early age can help prevent this hip dysplasia. And bring relief to older dogs who suffer from it, preventing the condition from worsening. Highly recommended."

– Dr. Akshay Shah, AcuVet, Mumbai

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Ambuj Agrawal (Noida, IN)
Breed: Labrador - Desi Mix
Size: 5.0
Surprised me; my 15 year old walks much better

Most products don't turn out as advertised. So I ordered these not expecting much, but had to try something, because its for my 15 year old daughter. And they have turned out awesome. She definitely walks better, and slips less. I recommend this highly.

Thank you for these kind words! We are glad these are helpful!

Ida Dsouza (Mumbai, IN)
Breed: Dalmatian
Size: Custom Size
Helped My 14YR Dalmatian confidence back

We have recently changed ghe flooring if our house and that really affected my dog as she would slip around the house because the flooring was so smooth. Now she is almost back yo being a happy puppy with her new zoom grips. Thank you for a great product

Thank you for writing in! This makes us so happy!

S.S. (Lucknow, IN)
Breed: Labrador
Size: 6.5
Zoof Grips: A product worth investing for.

My Dexter (age 8 years and 4 months) recently started showing signs of Hip Dysplasia. We started the medication for the same (Vivaldi’s Folrex Syrup and Vivaldi’s Condrovet Force HA) after consultation with our vet but the biggest problem was the indoor flooring of our house (which according to our vet was the primary instigator for the disease). I happened to stumble upon this product by chance after surfing on youtube about hip dysplasia in dogs and found many reviews by the pet owners, about the relief it brought, to their own furry friend. After digging some more I ordered the same and truly it works as a miracle. My dog has become enthusiastic and is galloping around the house like a little foal. Thank you so much Zoof Pets for the same and I highly recommend every pet parent to buy this product (even as a precaution that they do not suffer in future) for their own little friend.

S.K. (Vadodara, IN)
Breed: Labrador retriever
Size: 6.5
Excellent product

My dog had started losing confidence in climbing stairs due to imbalance on slippery stairs and also found it difficult to get up easily. With the anti skid paw covers, he is back to walking easily indoors and also climb stairs effortlessly. The product is of very good quality and extremely useful. In fact my vet has asked me to send details so that he can recommend it to other dog parents. Thank you Zoofpets for making life easy for Leo and us. I highly recommend it.

M.S. (Hyderabad, IN)
Breed: British bull dog
Size: 5.0
Cookies first shoe

We have been dog parents for a very long time with a lot of breeds but this was our first bull dog experience and our dog has a lot of difficulty in getting up n walking on wooden floors
When we saw the add on insta we were very intrigued we had a very good experience talking with Meghan and getting our pet with the best possible firm grip shoes
In the video you can she how well she’s enjoying her shows
The quality is very good and has a firm grip

Dotted texture
Anti-Slip Sole

Dog paws are not naturally for walking on smooth, urban, man-made floors. To counter the same and to ensure the safety of dogs on indoor floors, Zoof Grips are made from special anti-slip soles. These soles have a dotted texture that provides traction to dogs when they walk in the home or leap and jump. These soles have been tested and approved by several dog parents along with a few renowned vets.

For all day use
Breathable Material

Zoof Grips are lovingly designed to be comfortable for prolonged use. Dogs sweat the most from their paws and damp paws are prone to infection. To avoid damp paws and yet make sure they can be kept on for long periods of time, Grips are made from breathable mesh that lets air in. The insides of the shoe are made from soft mesh and cushioned soles for added comfort. For indoor use only.