Dog No escape Harness
Zoof Escape Proof Dog Harness
Zoof Escape Proof Dog Harness
Zoof Escape Proof Dog Harness
Best harness for indie dogs
Zoof Escape Proof Dog Harness
Best dog harness in India
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Dog No Escape Harness
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No Escape Harness for dogs
No Escape Harness for dogs
Zoof Escape Proof Dog Harness
Zoof Escape Proof Dog Harness

Zoof Escape Proof Dog Harness

Is your dog an escape artist? Does he pull backwards and slip out of the harness? If yes, then Zoof Escape proof harness is specially made for your dog! Finally, you can enjoy stress-free walks ❤️

This harness features a double escape-proof system:

1. An additional belly strap prevents the smaller strap from slipping over the larger chest.

2. Special webbing design tightens around the body only when your dog attempts to escape. Just make sure the harness fits snugly!

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  • Most Loved by Indie Dog Parents. 100% effective when snug fit.
  • Exchanges only. No returns. Please read our exchange policy below.
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🌦️ Sturdy and suitable for all-weather use

🔗 7 points of adjustment for a perfect fit

🛡️ Narrow chest panel to prevent rashes

❤️ Soft padding for extra comfort

🐾 Front & back leash attachment points

🌟 Reflective trim for low-light conditions

🖐️ Large handle to assist lifting

🔒 Lockable buckles for safety

Yes, if your dog

1. Has lanky, flexible body like an Indie, Doberman or Dalmatian (Or)
2. Is anxious and has tried to escape during walks - can be any breed! (Or)
3. Is in training phase

Care Instructions: Secure the buckles. Hand wash with mild detergent. Hang dry in shade.

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 Cancellation Policy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Minakshi Paul (Guwahati, IN)
Life saver for indie pet parents

These harness is a life saver for a pet parents particularly indie pet parents like me . My puppy pulls like a train and this harness provides more control and almost zero chances of escaping.

Niketa (Lucknow, IN)
It does what it promises

I ordered from zoof when most other harnesses from good brands failed to keep Bosco in check. He has CKD with flareups of tick fever and in his bad phases, he gets hyper and is unable to control his impulses to furiously pull when faced with triggers. He is a rescue and almost always a great dog but any escape puts him and others in harms way. After a particularly bad incident, i ordered from Zoof and was scared and nervous but its been almost 2 months and the harness has done what it promises, there has been no escape, whereas earlier it took him a second to slip out, which meant that when he was walking well it was only because he wanted to not because i wanted him too :) . But so far this harness has kept him and others safe. I thank zoof and hope that the harness continues to hold for future as well :)

Manikandan C (Chennai, IN)

The purpose was solved . As a pet parent we quite impressed with the discription even before trying it . After trying it out the feeling is no different. Ash cannot escape even if he tries

Writa Bhattacharjee (Pune, IN)
Best harness for my Fenrir

I love this harness because my escape artist Fenrir is not able to get out of it by jumping backwards!

R.T. (Hyderabad, IN)
My indie hates this harness

Snowy, my rescue indie, had been a terror on the roads for about four years of his life. Chasing fast vehicles, killing cats/ smaller animals are things that he would do without a thought. So when I was moving, I decided to take him with me and as much as he loved having a home, his instincts would just kick in the second he saw a cat or garden lizards or any other animal. Walking him was a task because he would wriggle backwards, twist his forelimbs inwards and get out of his harness in seconds. Collar or harness, he knows how to get out of them all. After trying a few harnesses, I came across this 'no escape' harness and decided to give this a shot as well. The second day of using this, a cat ran across the road right in front of my dogs, and that's it, these two went crazy, crying, howling, pulling etc to go after the cat. Snowy tried to get out of his harness about 8 times and he just couldn't. Even if the first two straps moved, the third strap near the last ribs did not budge and he just couldn't get out! He was so angry that he just sat down refusing to walk!
Even after that day, he's really tried his luck to randomly check if he can get out of the harness, but he's not been able to. So now he's opted to sit down in protest mid-walks. This harness is a game changer for me! I love this harness though Snowy hates it!