Does Your Dog Need Shoes To Keep His Paws Safe?

Does Your Dog Need Shoes To Keep His Paws Safe?

Dear Pawrent, we completely understand why you have doubts regarding dogs wearing boots. In fact, we encourage this skeptic behavior. 

You care for your pup. You want them to be comfortable. So, the last thing you want to do is force them into something that may or may not be helpful.

Is wearing dog shoes safe and natural?

Dog’s paw pads are layered with extra cushioning. This protects their bones and joints from shock in extreme weather. Thus our dogs are better equipped to walk on rough ground. However, when you take them on long walks on rougher terrain, extra protection is required. 

Many dog parents feel it is unnatural for dogs to wear any clothes, boots, or accessories. This is simply not true. Just like we feel uncomfortable during extreme weather conditions, our dogs need seasonal protection too

Dog shoes provide protection from dirt, debris, pebbles on the ground. They support your dog’s paw when they walk on rougher terrain. They act like an insulating, guarding layer. If shoes will make your dog more comfortable and protected then there is no use denying them, just because people make it sound superficial. 

Is it all a marketing sham? Or do dog boots actually serve a legitimate purpose?

Can you imagine walking barefoot during summers when the path is burning hot? Or on snow-laden winter paths? Or worse, during monsoons when the pavement is filled with potholes, muck, and mud? No, right? In the same way, dog shoes prevent your pup’s paws from all these climatic challenges.

Summers in India are scorching hot. Asphalt is a commonly used while making roads and pavements, their temperatures can rise above 75°C (especially if you live in cities like Nagpur, Chennai or Delhi) in the afternoons. And, since paw pads are made up of keratinized epithelium, burnt paws take up to 3 weeks to heal.

Look at the following infographic to understand the degree of hot summer roads. 

Summer Asphalt Temperature and Dog Paws Infographic

If winter at your place witnesses extreme temperature drops, another set of challenges present themselves. Especially in the northern part of the country, roads can become ice-cold to walk on. You must check your pooch’s paw for any infections, blisters, burns regularly.

Also, don't forget it also depends upon the breed of your dog and where did it originate. For example, a German Shepherd is more adaptable to the winter climate because of his native than say Chihuahua who has Mexican origin. Usually, small breed dogs are more sensitive to cold climates than large breed dogs.

Another thing you must do is, moisturize your pup's feet regularly. Touch his paws and check if they are soft or rough? Dog’s feet must be a little calloused and not too dry. If they are soft or dry, they can be easily damaged and need to be protected. Try Zoof Wax!

Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and all kinds of bacteria thrive during the rainy season. Monsoons are an especially tough time for your pet because their immunity too is at an all-time low. Especially, if you stay in Mumbai. I mean we are all in for "aamchi mumbai" and "pehli baarish". But no one can ignore the stream-size potholes this city has!

If you are taking them out on walks on uneven, and dirty surface you must protect them with rainboots. This will prevent them from any debris and maintain hygiene. It is a proven step towards curbing the chances of him catching and spreading infections. 

Are you a sportive family? Yes? Then dog boots will safeguard and enhance your dog’s daily workout sessions by shielding your pup from getting cut, providing a stronger support, and it'll make exercising more fun.

Does your dog need indoor shoes?

Dog Wearing Zoof Grips

Modern-day tile and wooden flooring are not convenient for dogs to walk on. They may lead to skidding and mobility issues in dogs.  This worsens the condition of senior dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis.  In such conditions, indoor shoes like Zoof Grips will provide them with a good grip and support. This will help reduce the risks of future ill developments.

Besides, if he is in recovery from a recent injury, dog shoes can provide traction and support.

Is making my dog wear boots cruel or cool?

C’mon, how cool do dogs look wearing cute shoes. I mean just look at them!

Dogs wearing shoes- Zoof Runners

However, we do not want them to look cool at the expense of being cruel on their feet. There are no full-fledged side effects of wearing boots. There are some things you must keep in mind though.

Your doggie’s only sweat glands are located in their paw pads. You must remove and air them after every 1-2 hours so as to not hurt their natural process. However, indoor shoes like Zoof Grips are breathable and can be easily worn for 6-7 hours.

Also, many times, especially if the shoes are of incorrect size, or are loose, some pebbles, scrap may creep inside their shoes. It's ironical, as preventing this is the prime reason why we recommend dog shoes in the first place. This may lead to cuts or abrasions. If your dog is uncomfortable or limping while walking shoes, make sure that they are clean and aren’t holding any junk.

Do dog shoes help you- the parent in any way?

Dog and Parent

We’ve now established that dog boots are actually quite helpful to keep your dog’s paws safe. Not only that, but they are also a great investment for you. How?

Easy Cleaning

Dog shoes will protect your pup’s paws from getting dirty and wet. Hence, you will spend much less time drying their paws after returning from a walk in the rain. Plus, #nomoredirtypaws means that your furniture, floor, and the house will be cleaner. 

Even if you are fine cleaning your pup's paws every time you return from a walk outside, it still won't be enough sometimes. His feet must be dried with not just a towel but a hair dryer. If they aren't, wet paws are bound to lead to infections. In most cases, your puppy will just be running around, dirty brat he is!

Say bye-bye to allergies and germs

Dog Boots will barricade your doggo’s paws from pollen, fleas, and other germs present on the ground. So, they will not stick to their feet and enter your house. You are also protected from any seasonal allergies.


Quality footwear will act as an extra layer of protection for your dog. So, you won’t need to worry too much about slipping incidents or injuries. You can let your baby play freely and explore while not disrupting your peace of mind.

A sight for sore eyes

Okay, this is just a bonus and mostly indulging. But how excited are you when the footwear you ordered arrives and it looks perfect on your feet? The loving pawrent you are, we are sure gifting your puppy the most chic boots available in the market will be the same. Especially with so many beautiful and colorful designs available. Just think of the compliments haha!

My dog doesn’t like wearing dog shoes? How do I make him more comfortable with wearing boots?

Putting on shoes on dog's paw

Let’s say, you have finally decided to try out dog shoes. After unboxing the beautiful package you try them on your dog. But oh! It’s not love at first sight. Now, what? There is no need to second-guess your decision. It’s only normal for him to be just as skeptical as you first were. Give him time to adjust and it will sweep him off his feet!

Make sure that you pick a shoe that meets your dog’s special needs and size. You can check out our blog on How to pick the right shoes for your dog to know more. Besides, we will be more than willing to guide you throughout the process.

Use positive reinforcement techniques to get him used to have his paws covered with boots. Start with putting them on for 5-10 minutes a day. Play with him using his favorite so that he associates his new shoes with a good experience. Slowly, you can then take them out on long walks in the park.

Let’s Go Dog Shoe Shopping!

Dog sniffing a Zoof Pets box and new shoes

Cruise through our premium dog shoes to find out the perfect dog shoes for your pup! 

Zoof Boots

Waterproof, printed in various quirky designs, soft, lightweight, and perfect for casual walks in the park when the sun is shining.

Zoof Casuals

Made of soft cotton canvas and an anti-slip sole. Prevents your dog’s paws from burning on hot pavements or chilly roads.

Zoof Plops

Your perfect rainy day companion! Keeps mud, water, ticks, and germs away from your dog’s feet.

Did we convince you yet? Or do you have more questions? We are just a text away!

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