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Zoof Summer Cooling Jacket

Zoof Summer Cooling Jacket

If you live in a city where temperatures go above 32 °C and your dog comes home panting after walks, then this is for you!

Dogs struggle to regulate heat, making them prone to fatal heat strokes in high temperatures. And, this is critical if your pup falls in high-risk category.

Hence, we made Zoof Summer Cooling Jacket.It helps keep the dog cool by the principle of evaporative cooling.

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Zoof Summer Cooling Jacket utilizes a tri-layer design for effective evaporative cooling:

💧 The absorbent middle layer retains water.

🌀 The top mesh layer facilitates evaporation.

💨 The Dri-fit bottom layer keeps the dog cool and dry.

🐾 Easy to put on with quick-release buckles.

🔗 Can be worn with a collar or harness (put on harness over the jacket). Opt for a minimalist harness for maximum effectiveness.

All dogs benefit from summer cooling jacket but it is a must for high-risk breeds. So, you must get this if your dog

1. Is flat nosed like Pug/ ShihTzu/ French Bulldog / Boxer (Or)
2. Is double coated like Husky / Golden Retriever / German Shepherd (Or)
3. Is a senior dog or a puppy

Evaporative cooling is how we cool down when we sweat. As sweat evaporates from our skin, it helps keep our body temperature in check, preventing overheating.

For dogs, they regulate their body temperature by panting. But when it's really hot, panting isn't always enough. That's where the Zoof Cooling Jacket comes in.

Unlike us, dogs don't sweat. Instead, this jacket mimics the cooling effect of sweating using a smart design. It has three layers: one holds water, one pulls heat away from the dog's body, and the top layer helps the water evaporate, keeping your pup cool and comfortable.

Typically, it's effective for 15-20 minute walks in most areas. But if the jacket feels dry, simply spray some water, and it's ready to use again.

Factors like humidity, wind, and sunlight can affect how quickly you need to recharge (more wind or sun increases evaporation).

Outer Layer: Breathable mesh

Middle Layer: Absorbent non woven felt

Inner lining: Light weight mesh fabric

Washing Instructions: Wash with mild detergent in cold water. Hand Wash only.

Do not use a brush with hard bristles.

Do not iron/dryclean/bleach.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
cristy chopra (New Delhi, IN)
Love it

Keeps the dog cool and reflects sunlight away. I love how zoofpets is coming up with innovative products for furry babies. Thank you!

Arohi (Vadodara, IN)
Zoof cooling jacket

This product is really good , convinient and hassle free. My baby has it on for the entire day ever since i bought it and she doesn't feel the need to have an ac on when she is wearing it.

S.M. (New Delhi, IN)
Summer Jacket review

Hey Zoofpets
I received Bruno’s jacket today and he wore it for his walk today and we can feel the difference it brought to him. His body normally turns very hot post walk, today it was relatively cooler and he seemed a little less exhausted.
Thankyou for getting amazing helpful products for doggos in India and I hope you guys keep getting more helpful products to make the life of our babies better. 😊
Cheers to your amazing efforts.

Prasad Vadhavkar (Jacksonville, US)

The Zoof Cooling Jacket is so good for the dogs in summer. My sister used it in US for her dog Loki and he was so happy to go out in afternoon when the temperature is often high and dogs do not want to go out. Very cool, very comforting and overall a great product

Par (Bengaluru, IN)
Great addition to my boys’ morning routine

It’s a great product and well designed. I have seen the difference when they are back from their walks after wearing the cooling jackets. Marked calmness in their demeanour. Thank you for making a sensible product and great customer service