Dog Parents Rejoice! 20 Things Only You Can Understand

Dog Parents Rejoice! 20 Things Only You Can Understand

It’s difficult being a parent of the naughtiest kid in the whole wide world. Especially, when you don’t speak the same language; When they are as demanding as a toddler while they look up at you with those puppy eyes. It’s the most beautiful and challenging thing to be a parent of such a dog.

These feelings are exclusive to us and only us. It's like being part of a club! Here are 20 things only dog parents can relate to-

1) You Have The Best Alarm Clock In The World

The day you welcome this furry creature in your house is the last time you will need an alarm clock. Somehow even without owning a watch or knowing how to read the time for that matter, your dog always knows exactly the time to wake up and he will not rest till you do too! 

His relentless enthusiasm will get anyone out of their bed though reluctantly. But not a bad start to the day huh?

Dog GIF: Puppy waking up human

2) Your Gallery Is Filled With Your Dog’s Photos and Videos

Guilty! But how can you not? Have you seen how cute he looks while sleeping, eating, playing, walking… or just existing.

Dog influencer wearing sunglasses posing for a picture
Can’t escape the Pup-arazzi

3) There is a Bark Followed By Every Door Bell Ring

The delivery guy just wants to drop the parcel. But No! Your dog needs to know what’s up and wants to provide the background noise for it. Woof Woof!

4) They Tail Behind EVERYWHERE!

When he committed to keeping you safe and always being there for you, he meant it. Quite Literally. Now you just gotta be fine with him being your bodyguard who will give you no privacy whatsoever. Limited bathroom breaks are allowed and sometimes not even those. He just can’t live without you okay?

5) Going On Vacations Is A Sorry Affair

Dogs have the magical power to smell the vacation days ahead. He'll always know that you will be leaving him for the next few days. And he will make sure that you know how disappointed he is by sulking. But he doesn’t know that it’s as difficult for you as it is for him. 

He isn’t the only protective and clingy member of the household after all. You cannot trust anyone with him. You’ll be constantly worrying and require hourly pictures to know that he is safe and well.

Dog In Bag

You’re taking me with you or you’re not going!

6) You Have Scratches and Scars From A Competitive Game Of Tug

Dog Meme- Tug of War

Sometimes, he just cannot hold down his enthusiasm. A bite here, a scratch there is commonplace. He probably deserved that shouting. You don't want an undisciplined kid.

7) Your Dog Lives A More Luxurious Life Than You

You’ll think and haggle before buying something expensive for yourself. However, when it comes to your dog, you won’t think twice. 

Don’t worry he’ll repay you with countless licks and continuous tail wagging when he sees his new gifts. Only the best inline products for the best doggo!  

Dog Wearing A Tiara
She da QUEEN! 

8) Smallest Tricks That They Learn Are Your Biggest Victories

It is kinda like seeing our human children perform on their annual day function in school. Your heart swells with pride. Your doggo learned how to give you a high-five; he is spinning; oh look he is standing on two feet; he just hugged me- I have the smartest dog ever!

Teaching Dog Tricks

9) They Can Smell Food From ANYWHERE

Thanks to his super-strong nostrils, he can smell something cooking from a mile away. He is the foodiest member of the pack. Always eyeing your food, hoping some of it will fall and he’ll get an extra treat!  

Dog Meme- Eating KFC Chicken

10) Is It Your Shoe? Naah! It Looks Like A Chew Toy To Me!

If your dog hasn’t destroyed even one of your shoes, you have the most disciplined dog ever and he probably deserves a treat for that. 

Dogs are obsessed with your shoes. They are his favorite chew toy and he will leave a dent-sized mark on them.

Dog chewing shoe

…..But you said Jimmy Chew? 

Get him a pair of Zoof Boots. This way he will be less obsessed with yours haha!

11) Your Bed Is His Bed Now. Just Deal With It!

And I am going to take the widest space. You can have the corner space to rest for yourself. I said what I said. Thank you!

Dog in bed with his parents

12) Dog Hair Everywhere

On your bed (they’ve seriously hogged it), on the floor, on your clothes, in your car, sometimes even in your food. There is no place untouched. If only someone had told you that dogs shed that much before! You just need to sweep at all times no biggie. Some basic grooming tips should help you with this. 

13) What Is That I See In Your Mouth?

When will he learn that everything that is on the floor is not meant to be eaten?- But I’m always hungry and it looked tasty!

Dog Meme: Pup Eating Trash

14) You Feel A Little Twinge In Your Heart Every Time Someone Else Pets Him

Don’t get us wrong. We love meeting dog lovers and making new friends. However, when they get too close, you cannot help but feel a little possessive. Just a teeny tiny bit.

15) You’ve Used Him As An Excuse To Get Out Of Unwanted Situations

Don’t lie, we know you have. He is your perfect rescuer. If you have a kid, they must’ve also used him to get out of messy situations- Oh, my dog ate my notebook! 

Anyways, you would rather stay at home and be greeted by the warmest welcome than put up a formal face in boring social situations.

Dog In Superman Costume

Super Doggo To The Rescue!

16) A Head Tilt Is All The Therapy You Need 

No matter how stressed, angry or frustrated you are. No one is immune to the power of a head tilt. It can melt thousands of hearts.

Dog Tilting Head

Cue in all the Awwww…

17) How Many Items Has He Broken Yet?

Again, he gets too excited. Always sniffing around, looking for his next mischief. A vase, your plants, crockery, your pillow, etc. he gets his paws on everything. He is clumsy like that. Sorry!

18) You Cannot Imagine Living Without Your Dog

His constant presence has become reassuring to you. You know there is someone eagerly waiting for you at home. 

When he gets even a little sick, your worry doesn’t cease. Being your dog’s parent is a part of your identity now. As hard as caring for your pet can be, he’s crept his way in your heart one paw at a time.

Girl kissing dog

I Woof You

19) He Knows Exactly How To Make You Laugh

He is a walking meme. God of silliness. Always stuck at the weirdest places. Getting intrigued by the smallest things, for example by his own tail. 

Dog Meme: Dogs who are stuck but pretending everything is fine

20) You Are The Best Doggo-Hooman Duo In The World!

You really are. He is your forever companion who loves you like no one else can and you are his. I am sure, the adventures you go through on a daily basis will become a legend in dog heaven.

Did you relate to these? How many points did you get out of 20? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Pallavi Gandhi

    All points r very much related. I can’t imagine my life without him🥰

  • Radhika

    Nailed it on all the points😀

  • Manisha Ratan

    I’m related to each and every above point❤️. He is the only one who can make me smile by all his tactics🤗😇. All his emotions finally end having scratches on my body🤣🤣 I seriously can’t imagine my life without him🧿

  • Meghna Basu

    All points are very much related 😂

  • Meghna Basu

    All points are very much related 😂

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