How to take care of your dog when it's raining cats and dogs?

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‘Tis the damn season! The season of fresh air, lush green, blessed showers, and chill winds. An eager welcome after the summer’s scathing heat. It is now time to dance in the rain.

But aah! It is also the season of dirty puddles, scary thunders, gloomy skies, and god-awful infections. This can create problems for your dog’s health. And we do not want that, do we?

So, tighten your raincoats, cover your head with an umbrella and take carefully booted steps towards making this monsoon a disease-free, happy season for your pup.

Here are 8 things you need to keep in mind while taking care of your dog this rainy season-

1) Clean, Dry n’ Clear of infections

You must pat dry their fur. Unlike human skin, a dog's fur coat retains the extra moisture. The damp weather just makes it worse. Dogs are susceptible to Malassezia which forms burns and prickling skin rashes. 

Your dog is sensitive to all kinds of bacteria, ticks and germs in this season. These make home in their fur, paws, ears, nails, etc. causing infections. Following are some healthy sanitation  practices you should adhere to-

Dog hygiene tips

 2) A Pawfect Monsoon

Your pup’s paws are exposed to all kinds of microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria that are present in the ground.  This weakens the follicles, causing pododermatitis-inflammation in the paws. 

Avoid water-logged areas while walking. Rinse their paws with lukewarm water once you return. Use blotting paper to wipe off any dirt or muck that is stuck between their pads.  Check for any signs of swelling or cuts

You can also apply paw butter or paw creams at night. Try Zoof Wax. It is crafted in small batches and does not contain any preservatives or chemicals. It is lick-safe too. 

Getting them rainboots is your best option. They will protect their paws from the damp and slippery road and safeguard them from any infections. Check out Zoof Plops  - dog shoes for rain.

Dog wearing shoes

3) Don’t let those ticks tick them off

Monsoon is like the party season for all kinds of ticks, bugs and fleas. Due to the humid weather, their numbers multiply. These sneaky pests make themselves at home in your dog’s moist fur.

Use anti-tick shampoos, ointments, tick sprays, and powder to get rid of these pesky parasites efficiently. Change their bedding often and wash their leash and collar thoroughly. 

Check with your vet for any preventive measures. Depending on your pup’s propensity for tick infestation, you can choose anti-tick spray before every walk, tick collar, spot-on or Bravecto. But, make an informed choice - these chemicals can have side-effects. 

You can also get Zoof Boots. These are best suited for casual walks and will protect your dog’s paws from ticks, muck and dirt.

Dogs wearing raincoats and rainboots

4) The secret ingredient is fiber

Lack of daily exercise may cause digestion and bowel troubles in your dog. Feed them food that is rich in fiber to keep their metabolism in check. Include sweet potatoes, steamed sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, muskmelon, banana and apples in their diet to help with indigestion. Don’t overfeed though as this will again lead to bloating, diarrhea, constipation and other gut issues. 

Remember, exercise and food go hand in hand. So, their food intake should be calculated and balanced with their exercise routine.

Another thing to keep in mind is water quality. During monsoon. water can become stagnant and polluted. This may cause tummy problems resulting in vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, abdominal pain etc. Give them only fresh and lukewarm, boiled water to avoid this.

5) Work from Home

Dog playing with parent

Don’t you feel a little too comfortable and lethargic when it’s raining outside? Snuggling comfortably inside a blanket all day is a dream. The same goes for your dog.  

Due to the downpour, your dog’s daily walk/outdoor playtime will also be cut short. But lying in bed all day is not what’s natural or good for your dog. Lack of physical exercise will lead to obesity and lethargy.

So, turn towards home workouts. Keep them on their feet by entertaining them with some quality playtime. Your pup will love to play tug of war, hide and seek, fetch (with light objects), etc. with you. Buy new provocative puzzle toys to keep them engaged or make some DIY toys yourself.

You can also stimulate their growth through dog training sessions. Teach them the names of their toys, make them understand the “go-to” command, how to grab their leash, etc. Treat them with homemade delicacies.

6) Prevention is better than cure

De-worming and getting vaccinated should be your priority this season. Dogs are prone to worm ailments during monsoon. This will further cause anaemia, loss of appetite, respiratory issues, fur dullness, etc.

Keep a tab on their slots with the vet and don’t let rains interfere with your pup’s immunity shots. 

7) Keep clear of reptiles 

Our doggos love spooking us by swallowing all kinds of scraps and bugs from the floor. The population of lizards, bugs, frogs, cockroaches, etc. increase during the rainy season. They may be carriers of salmonella or other bacteria and transmit it to your dog. 

Hence, watch out for these reptiles. Do not let your dog follow their canine instincts and devour one of them. In case they do, coax vomiting by vinegar or place salt on the back of their tongue to flush out any viruses. 

Most probably they will be fine. So, no need to worry too much. But if they show any signs of discomfort, scratching or vomiting etc. consult your vet.

8) Cheer up little puppy!

Pup resting inside a blanket

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your energetic baby losing his spirited will. Some dogs suffer from anxiety and depression. The gloomy weather makes it worse. If you see your pooch shaking, biting or chewing excessively, comfort him in your arms. Cuddle, play, talk to them. Return their unconditional love! 

Create a calm and soothing space for them to rest. Help them relax by setting up a comfy bed with extra blankets and cushions.

The lightning and thunder strokes outside may scare them. To make them more comfortable with the noise, you can play it on your phone time and again when your dog is indulged in one of his favorite activities. So that the sound registers as normal background noise in their heads. This can help them get over their fear.

Follow these tricks and add your sunshine love to it. Your dog’s rainy season will surely witness a rainbow!

What other steps do you take to be monsoon ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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