Should We Change Dog Clothing To Adornments So That It Includes Shoes Too?

Should We Change Dog Clothing To Adornments So That It Includes Shoes Too?

Festive Season Is Here!! The time of wearing new clothes, eating all the luscious sweets and chilling with friends and family. Talking about friends and family, you can't forget the goofiest member of your family, your best pal- your doggo! 

This is the perfect time for indulging your pooch (and thus, yourself) by buying them some pawtastic festive clothes. 

Festivals are after all about being thankful and sharing love with your loved ones. And who better to do that with than your pup? Don't leave him out of the pack. Especially not when there are such marvelous dresses made specifically for your pup to rock ‘em.

Whatever the occasion we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of doggie fashion trends and where to find them. Life’s too short for your dog to wear boring clothes anyway!

Ethnic Dresses For Your Dog

Let’s get sanskaari! Is there a wedding you have to attend? Or maybe there is a pooja at your place. Oh Wait! Isn’t Navratri and Diwali just around the corner? 

So many opportunities to connect back with your roots and dress up in that gorgeous lehenga. And so can your pup. 

Yep! You heard it right. Best in line Sherwanis, Kurtas and Lehengas. 

There are various amazing people working towards providing you with different, mesmerizing styles of dog clothes to suit your and your puppy’s taste.

Zoof Pets is all set to come out with new Navratri themed shoes to match your dog's perfect outfits. Now, that's something to look out for! Till then pick a beautiful dress from- 

That Dog In Tuxedo

That Dog In Tuxedo- Two puppies wearing Sherwanis

When it comes to traditional dog clothes, this is the place to go. They have tons of colorful styles. There is something for everyone. You won't be able to resist but buy one (or more) of these masterpieces for your dog. They are that cute!

You will need to provide measurements of your pooch’s neck, tummy, and body length (in inches) along with your dog’s breed, and a photo to make sure that it’s a perfect fit, and “made for him”. 

Want to twin with your furry baby? You can send The Dog In Tuxedo the cloth material and they will make it happen! Find them here. 

For The Fur Kids

Dog Wearing an Embroidered Bandana

This is another shop that has it all. From ethnic bandanas, bow-ties, to sparkling lehengas and sherwanis. We are sure your dog will be even more of a center of attraction than what he already is when he wears these.  

Kitty And The Woof Gang

Dog in Yellow Sherwani


They have some good kurti, kurtas and chaniya cholis. Sizes are pre-determined. Prices range between ₹2000-3,500. 

If you need a custom style, you can let them know and they can bring that vision come true. Check their store.


Pug in Chanya Choli Back

They offer lovely lehengas and kurtas. If you are looking for something for Navratri look at this All About Dandiya Chaniya Choli for your baby girl or this Dandiya Run Sherwani for the cool dude in your house.  

You can talk to them about custom-made dresses as well!


Dog In Yellow Kurta Praying To Bappa


They have a limited collection of indo-western shirts. If you're looking for something simple but classy which won't be too heavy on your wallet, you can have a look at this  pup-ita jambalaya. It’s cute and breathable!

Fur Vanity

Dog in blue kurta back

They are a small business on instagram @furvanity_They have a good collection of bandanas, bow-tie, festive attire, tuxedos, santa costume, etc. They also offer customized dresses. 

P.s. All of the above mentioned sites sell Tuxedos. So, if you are looking for formal wear, your dog can be the best-looking gentleman in the room!

Happy Howl O’ Ween!

Dog dressed as human and human dressed as dog

Halloween is the one day you can be anyone you want. Trick or treat is your dog's favorite sport all year around. So, c'mon this special occasion calls for creativity, tasty treats and innovative costumes. 

Here is a Halloween costume idea for you- Reverse roles. Pet becomes the master. Oh, how the turntables!

Dog dressed as human and human dressed as dog

We have more!


Two Doggos wearing Spiderman Dog Shoes

We vote these Spider Zoof Boots for the win!

A Superhero costume because aren’t our babies truly our superheroes? Just let a delivery guy come to drop off a parcel. He’ll be ready with his cape and his superpowered bark to protect you!

Here, are some great options- 

  • Batdog Costume
  • Superdog Costume
  • Wonderdog Costume
  • Spiderdog Costume
  • Captain Pawland
  • Animal Kingdom

    Pug in Unicorn Costume

    Why not become some other beautiful beast just for one day? Just for the kicks? Let him Rawrrr all he wants; or buzz as a bee; or maybe just does what he always does i.e sleep and look adorable, but in a panda costume!

  • Lion 
  • Panda
  • Bumble Bee
  • Pupasaurus
  •  Cartoon

    Dog wearing Cartoon Zoof Boots- Minion

    Get these Minion Zoof Boots to complete the look!

    Your furry kid will forever stay a child at heart. Just like these cartoons, doesn't he always bring a smile to your face? We're pretty sure his mischiefs are also similar to those looney toons.

  • Minion
  • Mickey Dog
  • Winnie The Doggo
  •  Harry Potter 

    Harry potter Dogs- Welcome To Dogwarts

    Are you a potterhead? Then this will be perfect!

    Check out these Hogwarts houses’ bowties and this mischief managed bandana. Add a Wizard scarf. Throw in these glasses and you have a whole look!

    If you think buying all of them separately is too much work, get this one.

    So, you are not crazy over costumes but still want to dress up a little? Have a look at these Halloween bandanas, collar and bow ties to find your minimalistic look.

    Woof Woof Woof! It’s Christmas 

    Dog Christmas Hat

    It’s Christmas Eve, your stomach is full with the delicious sweets you inhaled, all your friends and family have gathered around the sparkling Christmas tree, it’s time to exchange gifts and you are your puppy’s secret Santa! So what have you got him?

    Here are your options- 

    A Santa Dress- Because honestly he is the true Santa in your life. Always ready to gift you with tons of licks, kisses and tail wagging. It only fits that he owns his true identity. 

    Christmas Dog Accessories - to get in the elegant festive look. His bandana, collar, harness, tie, scarf, all oozes Christmas spirit. 

    Did any of these catch your eye? We will love to see your doggo wear them and hear all about your celebrations!

    Happy Pawstival! 

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