Pawfect Dog Clothing Guide: These Chic Dog Fashion Trends are Worth It

Dog Clothing Guide

Are you the cool dog parent? Do you always like to be at the top of your game? Do you want only what's best for your pup? Is your pup new to dog fashion and you are curious to find out more? You're at the right place. 

The dog fashion industry has been steadily growing over the past couple of years and the climb has just started. The bar is all set to rise higher in the coming years. 

This can get overwhelming. Especially, when all you care about really is if this trend helps your pup or not? Read on to get all your questions answered!

Does Dog Fashion Serve A Bigger Purpose Than Just Looking Good?

This is the first question that pops up in any dog parent’s head when hearing the term dog fashion. To answer this shortly, yes to an extent.

If you live in cold weather, clothes help regulate your pooch’s body temperature by providing the warmth they need. Especially, if your dog has less fur and has origins in a hot weathered climate. 

If the weather at your place is very hot, a cooling vest will assist him while dealing with high temperatures and humidity. 

In monsoons too, a raincoat or poncho provides them shelter from harmful elements present in the environment. Clothes keep them clean and provide them with an extra layer of protection against dirt, dust, wind, rain, etc. Dog Boots are your best bet to keeping your doggy’s paws clean, safe and chic.

Besides, dressing up your dog in stylish clothes and accessories helps express his unique personality. Another pro is increased visibility. He will be easy to spot when he runs away without a leash next time.

Is Putting Clothes On My Dog Cruel?

We’ve seen how dogs wearing clothes is not just a fashion statement but also serves a deeper purpose. However, there are two sides to a coin.  

If your dog is cold-breed and is naturally given thick fur protection, adding another layer may lead to overheating. Besides, some dogs may have an allergic reaction to the material used to make their clothes. 

Some intricately designed outfits may restrict movement. This will make them uncomfortable causing undue stress.

You must always check and make sure that the products you use are suitable to your dog’s requirements. If your dog scratches, feels itchy, sweats a lot, or develops rashes, discontinue usage of the product. 

What To Look For While Styling Your Dog?

With so many options available, deciding what to buy can get confusing. Following are some attributes you must consider while shopping clothes and accessories for your dog.

Dog Clothing Features

Dog Clothes For Every Weather

Before getting into the details of dog accessories and which shoes to pair, let us first decide on dog clothing. What’s in trend? What suits which weather? What are your options? 

Monsoon Dog Gear :

Pug wearing raincoats and rainy day dog boots- Zoof boots

Monsoons in India can get pretty heavy. It is the breeding season for many allergens, viruses, and germs. Thus, it is also the season when your dog’s immunity is at an all-time low.

Dog Raincoats- are something you will not regret buying. It will protect your dog from rain and all the harmful debris out there. It will keep him clean and safe while looking as cute as he can get!

Ponchos- are a good alternative to raincoats. They are available in bright and fluorescent colors which makes them stand out. Visibility is a key factor especially when the downpour makes it difficult to see. 

Winter Dog Clothing:  

Dog wearing a red blue hoodie

Colder months can be harsh on not just you but your dogs too. They are prone to various allergies, sicknesses and jitters. Even though most of the country experiences mild winter, there are things you must pay attention to while caring for your pup this winter season. 

Sweaters- Some dogs have natural protection but thin-furred dogs will happily get cozy in a warm woolen or knitted sweater. Holiday designs are always a good idea to get into the jolly spirit!

Hoodie/Sweatshirts- To be a little hipper, you can get a sweatshirt hoodie instead. The fabric will be lighter than the sweaters, so it will be comparatively better for daily use. Small puppies look great in brighter colors. Somber colors suit well on bigger breeds like Doberman, Boxer, etc.


Snood- These will keep your dog’s ears and neck warm when it gets chilly. Neck and ear warmers are a must-have to protect your dog from hypothermia and frostbites. Also, you have to agree, they are some of the quirkiest accessories out there.

Summer Dog Wear:

Pooch wearing a summer dress

Indian summers are scorching. Temperatures can go as high as 45-50 celsius. And oh the humidity! This doesn’t sit well with your dog. 

Cooling Vest- prove to be a lifesaver. They will regulate your dog’s body temperature and provide respite from the boiling climate.

Tank Tops- You have so many exciting options in this category. Nothing too elaborate but let him kick back wearing an eccentric tank top or another t-shirt/day dress. 


Doggo wearing a shirt and hat on beach

Beach Special- If you happen to live beside a beach. This is the perfect opportunity to have a fun day outing. Dress up your dog in Floral Shirts or let your diva shine in an endearing Bikini. Click delightful beach pictures in their perfect beach body. 

Pawsome Dog Footwear

Puppy wearing red tux and shoes

Imagine walking barefoot all the time. Think about the amount of dirt your feet will touch. Envision your feet touching the chilly cold roads of the winter, scorching paths of the summer, and muddiest roads filled with mucky potholes of monsoon. Doesn’t feel good, does it?

But most dogs don’t have shoes. Their paws though better crafted than ours, do not have the ability to withstand every hurdle that comes their way. They are prone to cuts, bruises, and blisters that are very painful. Don’t let your dog suffer through this and get them a pair of dog booties.

Following are Zoof Shoes suiting your dog’s requirements. 

Zoof Plops- Monsoon, water-proof dog shoes with anti-slip sole. Colors- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black. 

Zoof Boots- Lightweight and perfect for Daily Walks. 

Zoof Casuals- Breathable Outdoor Shoes made with soft cotton canvas with a double velcro fastening system. Colors- Maroon, Yellow, Black.

Zoof GripsIndoor Dog Shoes. These provide the required traction to dogs with mobility issues and hip dysplasia. 

For more information on dog footwear, check out our detailed blog on How To Pick The Right Shoe For Your Dog.

Pair It Up With Pawfect Dog Accessories

What better than to finish the look with quintessential dog accessories. Even if your puppy is not a fan of full-blown outfits, these accessories work just fine on their own. They’ll give him a unique and funky look while being more in his comfort zone.

Doggy Sunglasses

Puppy wearing sunglasses and boots

That beach party we were talking about? Just imagine your dog sunbathing in his sunglasses. Now, that’s a look right there. Older dogs with eye diseases like cataracts are benefitted from wearing goggles. 

Does your dog love putting out his head and take in every bit of the outside scenery when traveling in car? Sunglasses may help shield his eyes from debris in such a case. Let him live the pug life!

Doggie Bandanas 

Dog wearing hat and bandana

Your ideal clothing accessory, if you do not want to dip your feet completely in the dog clothing pool. They will help keep your dog cool in the summer months.

Dogs look the cutest with these tied around their neck. From all the clothing items you will find the cheapest, prettiest, and plethora of patterns in this one.

Doggie Hats

Poodle wearing a hat

Not all dogs are comfortable with something put on their head. But if your dog is fine with it, hats can be worn in winters to protect his ears from forming excess moisture. In summers, it will protect from blinding sunshine.

Bow Ties For Your Gentlemanly Pup

dog wearing a blue blow tie

For dogs accustomed to dog collars, dog ties will give them a classy look. Dog ties usually come with a loop that can be easily attached to the dog collars. 

You can take your pick from the tons of sizes, patterns, and shapes available. Bow ties are classy and give your dog a smart appearance. 

Where To Find Dog Clothing and Accessories In India?

When it comes to dog fashion, you don’t have to compromise. Your puppy deserves the perfect products that will represent him more than anything. To achieve this goal, you have a multitude of options to choose from. 

Amazon, Flipkart, HUFT, etc. are some of the big names that offer all kinds of dog clothing and accessories. Besides, there are some amazing upcoming Indian Brands like Poochmate, Marshalls Pet Zone, Poochles have some stunning collections. Each offers its own exclusive services. You can check out Lana Paws for beautiful bow ties and bandanas. 

And of course, you know the best location to buy dog footwear- Zoof Store.

Is your dog all set to walk the ramp now? Tell us about your favorite dog fashion trends in the comments. 

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