Protect Your Dog! How To Take Care Of Your Pet This Diwali 2021?

How To Take Care of Your Dog This Diwali 2021

Mere tumhare sabke liye 'Happy Diwali' sounds great. But is this true for your dog?

Diwali brings with it a plethora of gifts in the form of new clothes and old relationships. It's the time to be thankful and rekindle our love for one another. Sweeping off the dirt and worries of the year gone by, one sweet at a time! 

But parenting duties don't take Diwali Vacation. So, to enjoy the light we must be prepared for the dark right? Every year animal injury cases shoot up after Diwali. Diwali wish forwards are more welcome than the cries for help on social media with pictures of injured and abused animals.

But don't worry, with your love and right actions, we are sure this Diwali will be happy one!

How Fireworks Affect Dogs? 

Dog looking at Diwali Fireworks

Dogs are seven times more vulnerable to loud sounds than humans. About 50 percent of dogs are genetically susceptible to having a sound phobia. Loud crackling noises during Diwali triggers it. 

The fear they develop leads them to react irrationally. They start to salivate and bark excessively, tremble and lose their appetite. Your happy-go- lucky dog will hide away in the corner to shield himself. 

He may even get startled by the tiniest sounds like the doorbell, phone ringing, or opening and closing of doors leading him to pee, drool, and defecate inside. There have even been instances where pet dogs have run away from their homes. 

What Can You Do To Protect Dogs During Diwali? 

Dog and girl embracing

First and most important, do not burn crackers and actively stop others from doing so. No, it will not diminish the “fun” of Diwali and no this isn’t a personal attack on anyone’s beliefs. It is a general advice that must be followed not only during Diwali but at all times. 

Even if you know this, not everyone does. There are still going to be people who burst fireworks without thinking of its consequences. Here are some other things you can do to make Diwali safe and exciting instead of disturbing, for your puppy. 

1) Early Morning Walks

Start your day right. Before the Diwali celebrations begin, make sure that your doggo has had his daily exercise. Going out in the evening isn’t safe and having an excited, scared dog isn’t either. The day is going to be full of surprises anyway, so let it start normally.

Have a playful exercise session. This will satisfy and tire his excited energy. So, he’ll ultimately feel more balanced and less on edge. 

2) Shut Out The Negative Noise 

Drain out the outside sounds by playing music or Tv. Create an ambiance that is too chill for him to notice the chaos outside. Keep the windows closed. Earmuffs are a good idea too. 

3) I’m Here Furr You 

Scared dog lying on a blanket

Some pups get aggressive or hide away scared by the noise. Be patient with him if he exhibits any out of sorts behavior. If you see him hiding in a dark corner by himself, and doesn’t want to come out, give him his space. Surround him with his favorite toys and treats so he is occupied.

Refrain from giving him sweets even if tempted. These can be bad for his health. Brief your guests about it too. But keep him adequately fed. You can also get these Diwali Sweets, especially made for dogs.

Spray some organic medicinal, lavender extracts. This will have a soothing effect. 

4) Stay Away From The Goblet  Of Fiyah Hairy! 

Dog Near A Lantern

It’s best if you keep your pooch on a leash. There are many open fire sources like diyas, firecrackers, candles, etc. around. Keep all fiery objects far out of his reach. 

Groom your baby’s fur before Diwali. Not only for looking good but because his coat is highly inflammable. 

5) Paw-tection

With so many fire outlets, he may step on something dangerous and burn his paws. Rangolis are a different story entirely. 

If you go outside, be cautious of any littered chemical-filled remains of firecrackers. Make sure you dispose of them safely. 

Dog shoes will provide him with an extra layer of insulation. Put on his Zoof Boots or Zoof Casuals so that he is secured. 

To brighten your Diwali celebrations, we even have exclusive festive themed shoes. Your furry pal can wear these indoors. They are available in four colorful designs so that your pooch isn’t left behind in style or safety.

Happy Dog Wearing Festive Diwali Shoes

6) Oh This? It’s Nothing Extraordinary!

Act normal. If you seem excited, he’ll definitely catch the feeling and respond erratically too. Don’t overdo the cuddles either. This will make him feel that his anxiety is justified and that things are weird. Be natural with him, so that he feels at home.

7) It’s Fun O’ Clock!

Dog With His Family During Diwali

C’mon enough lecturing. At the end of the day, you just want to cherish this time and do what makes you guys happy. So, here’s wishing you and your family the happiest Deepawali!

Shelter the Stray

Scared Stray Dogs

Stray dogs obviously have it worse. Unlike pets, they have no one to take care of them. No shelter to hide away to. The sheer inhumane behavior by some vicious people for the sake of “laughs” results in accidents every year. These poor helpless babies are victims of unfathomable cruelty. 

Here are some things you can do to shelter and help these street doggies-

  • If you find a dog, scared and trembling, try to give them shelter in your garden or inside your building block. Keep doors open so they can find refuge from firecrackers.

  • This is a practice that is always generous but especially so during Diwali- Provide stray dogs with food and water inside your building.

  • Pet and comfort them if they are shaking with fear

  • Try to enforce rules for not burning firecrackers where dogs rest. Especially if you live in a residential complex or locality.

  • Children are the future. Educate the kids at your place or area and help them empathize with the dogs. You should instruct them about how to take care of animals and not hurt them.

  • If there is a specific dog spot in your building, you can spray lavender scent as that will help them relax. 

  • Keep a first aid kit handy in case you see a dog hurt.

  • In the event of an emergency, contact an NGO. Friendicoes, People for Animals, In Defence of Animals– work relentlessly to rescue injured animals on Diwali. Report if you find a harmed animal. Feed them and keep them safe till help arrives. 

Caw Caw! I am here too!

Not just dogs, birds too get disturbed as air pollution rises significantly during Diwali. This causes respiratory and vision issues for them. You can keep water bowls and grains on your balcony so that birds can stay hydrated and fed.

Does your dog get excited during festivals? How are you planning on celebrating this Diwali together? Let us know in the comments below!

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