7 Ways To Care Of Your Senior Dog This Winter

7 Ways To Care Of Your Senior Dog This Winter

It is that time of the year when all you want to do is cuddle with your pup and sleep in. Winter time!! But, if your pup is getting old, you may have to make few changes.

Senior dogs are prone to falling sick easily as their immune system fails to act as strong as before. Chilly months of winter makes them extra-vulnerable. Hence, we have prepared a special guide which you can follow in order to take care of your senior pup in the frosty weather!

1. Switching Up Routine

Zoof Boots

Most of us have a particular routine  we  stick to when we take our dogs out for a walk. This is done to maintain a form of discipline. Some of us take our dogs right in the morning at 6 A.M. and the others like to go in the evening when the sun settles down. 

Temperature tends to drop steeply during winter months. Try taking your senior dog out on a walk between 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. when the sun is warm and bright. This will definitely decrease his chances of feeling cold or even falling sick!

Pro Tip – Roads can get very cold during winters. Protect your dog’s sensitive paws with Zoof Boots or Zoof Casuals. They will also keep his paws safe from germs, ticks, dirt and sludge.

2. Woolens Are A Must

Dogs Wearing Sweaters

Depending upon your dog’s breed and his fur coat, get a coat or a sweater. This will keep him warm and comfortable on cold mornings. Check Amazon India, Pooch Mate or Heads Up For Tails for woolens or coats. With age, your dog gets sensitive to and tends to feel colder than a younger pup. Hence, it is vital that you keep him covered in layers till the temperature rises!

3. Change His Bedding

Dog On A Comfortable Bedding

Winter is a cozy season. Your dog wants to cuddle with you and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!. As much as you would like to leave everything and just be with him 24*7, showering him with cuddles and kisses, it is not always possible for you to do that. Hence, you need to make sure his own bed is full of warm fuzzies, his favorite soft toys, pillows, and of course, layers and layers of blankets.

Winter also triggers joint pains. Replace his summer bed with warm, orthopaedic bed to ease his pains. You can also consider heated beds.

4. Snout And Paws Need Extra Attention 

Zoof Wax

Cracked-up snout and paws are common during winters. Age makes it worse. If left unattended, it can bleed and get infected. Apply coconut oil regularly. If it gets worse, you can try Zoof Wax. It is made of natural ingredients and is lick-safe. Massage well at night and wipe off the excess.

5. Bring About A Change In The Diet

Dog Looking At Honey

The cold months of winter often are the reason why your pup may not drink as much water as he would in the summer months. Frequent hydration is very important for your senior dog. Try giving him warm chicken or liver broth if he is not keen on water. You can also add extra water to his regular meals to ensure adequate liquid intake. 

6. Bath Or No Bath?

Dog Being Cleaned With Wet Wipes

My dog does not like bathing at all. You are very lucky if yours loves to take a bath! You can continue to bathe him with lukewarm water if it gets too cold. Alternatively, you can use dry shampoo and skip a few baths. Regularly clean his paws, ears, ears and sanitary areas with wet wipes, a soft wet towel or a sponge. 

7. Indoor Playtime

Zoof Grips

Your old puppy might get lazy during these months and may not want to step out of your house at all. If that is the case, try increasing playtime at home because regular exercise is an absolute must for his bones and muscles. You can run around the house with your dog, take him to the terrace for a nice sunbath or even play fetch with him in your bedroom! You can choose any form of fun, physical activity with your pup as long as he gets the required exercise.

Pro Tip – While playing around at home, your senior pup may slip on the marble or tile flooring. This can stress his hip and knee joints eventually leading to hip dysplasia. In order to prevent or manage this condition, opt for Zoof Grips! These are indoor shoes specially designed with anti-slip sole to provide traction on indoor surfaces.

Did you find this helpful? Do let us know how you take care of your senior dog during winters. Leave us a comment if you have any further questions or suggestions!

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