What are we loving lately? Dog trends, Pet influencers, Podcasts and more!

What are we loving lately? Dog trends, Pet influencers, Podcasts and more!

Hello 2022! Can you believe it? It feels like years just keep passing in blur. However, we do have our dogs to bring some focus. They really are our rock.

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to be more resourceful and a better pet parent, you’ve come to the right place. To play an active part in your dog’s upbringing you must be aware of what’s happening in the dog world. 

We’ve curated a list of the pawfect products and services that will help you become a super dog parent. From dog podcasts, blogs, influencers to dog trends, and products, we’ve got it all. Without wasting more of this pacing time, let’s dive in.

Dog Podcasts

Dog speaking in mic- Podcast

Podcasts are on the rise. Whether you are doing your mundane tasks and need company, commuting in a train, or perhaps just folding laundry, podcasts make the perfect companion. They are informative, funny, and a great way to pass some time. 

The pet industry is quick to catch up on this train. There are many dog focused podcasts that you can listen to for free. Following are some of our favorite picks. 

Can I Pet Your Dog?

Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston make the perfect companion to get you through the mundane tasks of the day. They are funny and have a comforting vibe. New episodes come out every Tuesday, where they talk about their dogs, the dogs they met (and pet), dog related events they attended and other news. As of now, they have 336 episodes out. 


If you want a more local approach to pet training and care, this one’s for you. Hosted by Isha, Petonomics aims to fill in gaps, and deal with the complexities of pet ownership in India. It is available on apple podcasts but has only 11 episodes that ended in 2019. 

Creative Dog Training

Just as the name suggests, this one focuses on canine training and health. If you are looking for informative podcasts that will solve all your dog related queries and explain your dog’s quirks and needs, give this a go. It has 65 episodes all giving you practical dog advice that is easy to navigate. 


Dog Blogs

Dog working on laptop- blog

Blogs are a great way to be connected with the community. They provide us with a to the point information, barely take 5-6 mins to read and prove useful. 

Zoof Diaries- 

This article is a part of it, so how can we not? We publish dog related articles weekly. From dog paw care, hip dysplasia in dogs, dog seasonal care to dog grooming, training, product recommendations, etc. you’ll find thoroughly researched blogs here. You can even get them delivered right in your inbox by subscribing to our Newsletter.  

Dog With Blog-

Abhishek Joshi and his blog is perhaps one of the oldest dog blogs from India. And even after nearly 13 years of blogging, the content is still updated, informative and helpful. He even has a podcast on Spotify now, each episode below 10 mins.

Dog Influencers

Last couple of years have changed how we consume media. Social media has become our main recreational destination. But the following cute doggo pages make up for all the time spent. 


Dog Influencer

This golden retriever has a special place in our heart. They put on daily cute doggo content that will totally make you smile (and maybe give you ideas to replicate dog trends with your own pup). Check out his Outfits for the day guide to find the classiest dog looks. 


Dog Influencer Shih Tzu

Miss Ziggy The Piggy and her account made it into our dog travel blog too. But she deserves a mention here again. Her fashion style is absolutely pawsome and her account will give you some serious travelling with your dog goals. Her mom does helpful live sessions too to give you information about the things she has learned in her parenting journey!

P.s. While you are at it, you can also check out our Instagram channel. You can find us @zoofpets.india. We put out helpful dog content daily and you will never miss an update from us this way. 

Latest Trends in the pet industry

Sustainable and Eco-friendly pet products

Our dogs make us compassionate human beings. Seeing them grow makes us fall in love with not just dogs, but all living creatures.  It’s no wonder that many dog parents have started switching to all natural items. They are good for the environment and have fewer side effects. So, the next time you go shopping for your dog's essentials, make sure you check the ingredients list. 

Pet Natural Remedy is a good place to find all natural pet supplements, treats, grooming essentials, etc. in India. If your dog has sensitive skin or other skin issues, check out Scooby-dub-dub by Back in the day. This is a blend of five ayurvedic herbs that soothes itchiness and keeps the coat healthy. 

Zoof Wax- organic paw balm for dogs

Looking for organic paw balm? Here is Zoof Wax. 

Local Is Indeed Vocal

Supporting small businesses is the way to help our community grow. More and more pet parents are shifting their shopping carts in the local pet stores instead of industry giants. 

One major reason for this is you get to form a relationship with the seller. Budding businesses also have excellent customer care. They put in the effort to really provide you with a personalized service. This is simply not possible to a large extent in big businesses. A simple google search will help you find trusted local pet shops near your place. 

Online small startups are on the rise too. Dogsee Chew India is great to find healthy, organic treats that are made with the purest ingredients from the Himalayas. Besides, you will find a number of small Instagram businesses offering clothing, food, training services, etc. When it comes to your dog’s feet, we are always here of course!

Subscription Boxes 

Dog Subscription boxes

There has been a steady increase in subscription services. Be it monthly beauty kits or daily food subscriptions. Millennials want the same for their pets. This has given rise to dog subscription boxes services. 

There are monthly, quarterly, customized subscriptions dog boxes options in India. Doggie Dabbas operating from 2011, are well-known for their freshly cooked meal subscriptions. You can opt for 1, 2, or 3 month bundles. Each dabba includes delicious and ultra healthy meals that you can customise. 

That was all the catching up we think will help you in the new year. Hope it was an interesting read!

Do you have any more recommendations for your fellow dog parent friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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