We are HIRING a Social Media Ninja

You should definitely apply if:

ย 1. You have a working knowledge of capturing videos on the phone for Instagram reels/youtube. (and, have well-performed reels to demonstrate your acumen). This also involves making funny noises to grab the attention of the pup ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, you will have help!

ย 2. You love scripting videos for reels that create value for fellow pet parents - either entertain or educate them (or both!)

ย 3. You want to build a career in this space and are willing to continuously update yourself with the latest trends and algorithm changes.

ย 4. You are willing to travel to Navi Mumbai/Mumbai for photoshoots (Expect 6-8 photoshoots every month).

ย 5.You have working knowledge of Canva , Inshots and a couple of other video editing software.


Let's talk money!

ย Fixed salary: Rs. 15000 every month

That's just the basic! The real money is when your content organically performs in the first 10 days of posting!

50k+views: 2000/reel
100k+views : 5000/reel
2m+ views: 10000/reel

So, if you do 4 reels with 50k+, 2 with 100k+ and 2 with 2m+, you go home with 15+8+10+10= 43k

If you think you are up for the challenge, send your resume to aneesha@zoofpets.com with the subject line "Social Media Ninja Application".

This is a full time opportunity. Not looking for digital agency.ย 

Do include links to Instagram pages you manage / reels you made from scratch/work that can help us evaluate your fit for the profile

Finally, if you aren't the one but you know of someone, do not forget to share!