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Zoof Boots - Marble Prints
Zoof Boots - Marble Prints
Zoof Boots - Marble Prints

Zoof Boots - Marble Prints

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Product Features


The boots are made of natural rubber. They will keep your dog's paws dry and protected from infections


Since the boots are sole-less, your dog can sense the ground better and feel secure

Stays On

The boots are designed to fit snug at the ankle and loose at the paws. They don't come off when your dog runs


When the boots get dirty, hand wash with soap and water. Hang them dry and they are ready for the next walk

How to wear

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to our how to measure your dog's paw. Still confused? WhatsApp us on 9321379767

Check our how to wear video

We DO NOT recommend Zoof Boots to be worn indoors for long hours. Dogs sweat through paws.

Life of the boots are completely dependent on usage. These are made for casual everyday walks.

They are not recommended for runs/treks. Please make sure your dog's nails are trim and blunt. Sharp nails can tear the boots.

If your dog is super active, boots may not last long. In that case, consider buying Zoof Runners .

We ship within 2 working days. Depending on your location, the boots are likely to reach in 3-7 days.

No worries! WhatsApp us on 9321379767