Have Questions? Find Answers Here! Your Pawfect Guide to Dog Shoes

The Pawfect Dog Shoes Guide- FAQ

As dog parents, we only want what’s best for our furry baby. Naturally, you have questions that demand to be answered. Today, we are here to do just that. 

Here, are your Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Shoes answered.

1) Does My Dog Need Boots?

Before rambling on about dog shoes, we’ll first address the main one. Does your dog really need boots or are his paws all the protection he needs?

All dogs living in extreme weather conditions need boots. Our dogs aren’t bred for searing hot pavements, muddy and potholes-filled monsoon trails, or chilly cold winter roads. Very few dogs can withstand these harsh conditions without protection.

When your dog’s bare feet come in direct contact with the ground, they stand a chance of burning or cutting their paw pads. Besides, he may lick his dirty paws that are ingested with chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria leading to an adverse effect on his health.

Dog shoes are a necessity to service dogs and senior dogs. Indoor shoes are helpful for dogs with hip dysplasia and mobility issues. 

Still not convinced to give dog shoes a try? Take this quiz to find out if your dog needs outdoor dog boots.

Husky Wearing Zoof Grips

2) How To Pick The Right Shoes For My Dog?

Every dog is different and has different needs. This is why what may be suitable for Sharma Ji’s dog may not be for your pooch. 

To find out what your dog needs, try to put yourself in his shoes. What is the weather like at your place? How much does he jump around? Does his walking track include many hurdles or do you go on hikes often? Does he have any joint problems and require indoor shoes? 

After you’ve determined his needs, you can take your pick from the tons of different purpose and style dog boots available in the market. This can get overwhelming which is why we have a crisp blog to help you pick the pawfect shoe for your dog. Find it here.

3) How Do I Measure My Dog’s Paws and Find The Right Size Shoes For My Dog?

You must measure the widest part of his paw. To do this, hold his paw firmly. Place a ruler or tape measure on the bottom of your dog's front paw. Make sure that the scale is parallel and exactly at the widest part of the paw. Note the width in centimeters. 

If the measurement is 5 cm, pick size M in Zoof Boots and size 5.5 in Zoof Plops/Grips/Runners. Refer the Sizing Chart.   

Still have trouble figuring out your pup's paw size? Refer to our blog- How To Perfectly Measure Dog's Paws? for a detailed help guide. Or directly ask us your query and we will happily resolve it. 

4) How To Put On Dog Shoes?

Fully open the dog shoe and use your hand as a shoehorn to insert his paw to the front. Ensure that the shoe covers his whole paw, declaws and all. After you’ve put it on, make him stand and feel his toes at the front. Once, he has settled down, carefully tuck all the last bits of fur and strap his shoes (If applicable). 

For smaller puppies, we recommend you work the shoes before putting them on. Because of his lightweight, he may find it difficult to soften the sole of his shoes. Break them with your hands to make them more pliable. This will help them be more comfortable. 

Another pro tip- small dogs may misunderstand wearing shoes as playtime. So, make them stand at a higher platform or stool and then fasten their shoes.

We have a separate video tutorial on how to put on Zoof Shoes. You can find them on all our product pages. You can also watch the following video to get a general idea.


5) How Do I Get My Dog Used To New Dog Shoes? 

Guarding is in your dog’s DNA. Chances are it will take him time to trust the new accessory you’ve bought for him. But once he is used to it, it’ll be a love affair.

For speedy acceptance, follow the Five ‘P’ Mantra-

It’s PLAY Time

Keep treats, toys, and all his favorite things handy! Give him a chance to form a positive opinion of his new shoes by engaging in his happy activities. 


Some dogs are more easygoing than others. If yours is stubborn, don’t worry. Give him time. Patience and discipline is the key here. So, keep trying for a week or so and you'll win him over.

PRACTICE Makes Perfect

Dogs can catch your vibes. Even you may be a little unsure of how to put on shoes and worry about their okay-ness for your dog. The more you try and practice it, the better you will be at putting them on your dog. Similarly, they’ll grow more comfortable.

Let’s Go To The PARK 

With a regular habit of putting on shoes before going out, he will start noticing the pattern. He'll now start associating shoes with fun outdoor times, and willingly hand over his paw. This is similar to how he isn't as reluctant to wear his leash/collar after the first few times.

Dog and pet parent in a park


For all his cruelty, Sigmund Freud sure helped us with positive enforcement tricks. Ring a Bell? 

PRAISE The Funny Dance 

Get your cameras ready, because this is one of those ‘First Moments’ to capture. That awkward walk will make you laugh and whoop at your pup’s cuteness. Cheer him on, he’ll catch your excited vibe and dance as well.

Watch this video of Benny jumping around in his new Zoof Boots!

6) Are Shoes Hurting My Dog?

On the contrary, dog shoes will keep your dog from getting hurt. However, if the shoes are not of proper fit, some trash, small pebbles, etc. may enter and hurt your pooch’s paw.

So, you must check their boots from time to time. See to it that he isn’t showing any signs of discomfort while walking in them. Clean them often to keep the sanitation intact.

7) How Can I Clean My Zoof Boots?

You can hand wash the shoes using a mild soap. Pat them dry. Apply talc or corn starch to absorb any left-out moisture. This will retain the quality of boots and increase their life.

8) How Long Do Dog Shoes Last?

7-8 weeks. You may think that this doesn't sound very durable. But unlike us humans who have multiple pairs to walk in, dog's usually just have one to walk in every day. The pressure applied and the friction too is much higher. 

It also depends on the terrain, type of boots, activity and walking style. Walking on rougher and uneven roads will cause the boots to wear faster. Likewise, if your doggo walks gently, it will last longer. If he tends to pull on leash or puts too much pressure while marching, the shoes will have a lesser span.

Different shoes serve different purposes. Zoof Boots come in a pack of 8/12 boots. So, if one of the boots get worn, you can replace just that one and continue to use the other 3. This ensures that a set of 8 boots lasts longer. Zoof Grips are used indoors so have a longer life.

Another factor affecting durability is Shoe size. If the boot is a little loose and wide for your pup’s paws, they may slide off. This will cause them to weather. File his nails to increase boot life.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to shoot us a note!

In the meantime, check out what advice one of the major pet groomers in Mumbai has for your doggie. It’s all about discipline!!

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