How To Perfectly Measure Dog's Paws?- The Right Dog Boot Size!

How To Perfectly Measure Dog's Paws?- The Right Dog Boot Size

Cinderella found her prince because her magic shoe couldn’t fit anyone else in the entire kingdom. That’s how much shoe sizes matter!

Don’t let your dog not have a happy ending to his furry tail. Get him the proper fit shoes and he’ll thank you with cuddles and licks for it! 

Why Is Finding The Right Paw Size So Important?

For first timers, it is natural that dog shoes will feel strange. If you are having doubts regarding whether or not your dog needs shoes, then read this.  

Getting your pup to get used to his first shoes is very similar to getting a toddler wear his first footwear. It is very natural if your pup walks funny. Don't forget to capture his super-cute first walks in a video. 

Finding the right paw size is very important to ensure that your pup is comfortable.  If they are loose they might fall off and not stay on. Alternatively, if they are too tight, they will be uncomfortable and even reduce circulation or cause skin irritation. Thus, it is essential that you get the right sized dog boots.  

Some tips to keep in mind while measuring his feet to ensure the most comfortable fit-  

1. Don’t assess his paw size by looking at his body size. Dogs are beautiful creatures who come in diverse shapes and sizes. Some large breed dogs have smaller feet and vice versa. Sizes vary even within a breed. So, you’ll have to measure your dog’s unique magic paw to get his specific size.

2. Make sure that your dog's nails are trimmed.

3. Groom his paw fur. So that you get an accurate measurement.

How Do I Measure My Dog’s Paws and Find The Right Sized Shoes? 

Hold a ruler or tape measure on the bottom of your dog's front paw. Ensure that the scale is parallel and exactly at the widest part of the paw. Measure the width.

It is often said that you'll get a better measurement if your pup is standing on a tape or a ruler. This is because, when your dog is laying or sitting, his entire paw may not be splayed and you will end up getting a narrower measurement. But in our experience, measuring his paws while standing will give you a bigger size. Especially if your dog's breed is furry, like Shih Tzu. 

Instead of making him stand, hold his paws and measure. If the widest part of his paw measures 4 cm, pick size S in Zoof Boots and size 4.5 in Zoof Plops/Grips.  

If you are still confused. Click a full paw view photo of the measurement and send it to us. So, we can get the exact size.

Widest part of the paw- 6 cmWidest Part of The Paw- 3.3 cm

Are All Four Dog Paws The Same Size?

It differs from dog to dog. Most breeds have wider front paws and smaller hind paws. If there exists a width difference of more than 1 cm, request different-sized shoes for a better fit.

What If My Pup Is Between Sizes?

If this is the case, get him a bigger size as it will be easier to strap him in and make it fit. This goes same, if the front paw is slightly wider than the back paw. Dog shoes are adjustable like that. Tight shoes will make him uncomfortable.

How Should A Dog Shoe Fit?

When putting shoes on your dog, ensure that the entire paw is pushed into the shoe. Touch the bottom of the booties to check this. The tongue of the shoes should not be twisted and it should be breathable after you tie the velcro. 

I Can't Get Hold of My Playful Dog To Properly Measure His Paw Size. What Should I Do?

We feel you. He might think of it as a game or be skeptical about what you are doing. Or maybe he just wants you to work for it. You can bribe him with treats to make him obey. Or do the sneak attack and measure it while he is asleep. 

Got the Paw Size But What About The Shoe Size? 

Different brands have different ways of measuring paw size suitable for their sizing charts.  

You can check our Sizing Chart for a more detailed shoe size measuring article.  

Cool, Clear About The Sizing! Now Which Shoes To Buy?

Whatever you need, we have it. Everyday natural rubber boots without a strap/velcro/zip mechanism? In quirky cartoon design? You cannot go wrong with the classic!

Oh, but you do need a sturdy mechanism to stay fit? Zoof Casuals will watch your dog’s step with its velcro mechanism. 

Need shoes for the rain? You got it! Here are Zoof Plops.

If you have a senior dog and he needs indoor support, you can try Zoof Grips. These will provide him with the traction required and help him maintain his balance. 

Dog Wearing Zoof Grips

Not one to make hasty decisions? We don’t want you to do that either. Pick right! Complete Shoe Shopping Guide: How To Find The Perfect Dog Shoes?

Was this helpful? Have more questions or doubts? We are just a text away! 

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